Bigg Boss 13 fans blast Salman Khan and makers for blaming Asim for Himanshi Khurana’s breakup

bigg boss 13 Day 2 Paras Asim fight

In this season of Bigg Boss 13, there was a lot of fighting between the contestants. At the same time, some have become couples in BB house and they were keenly followed by the audience and also by the fans on social media. In yesterday’s episode, Salman Khan talked a lot about Himanshi Khurana while talking to Asim Riaz. During this time, Salman Khan revealed the reason for the breakup of Himanshi Khurana with his fiancee Asim Riaz. Not only this, he also said that not Himanshi but his fiancé had broken engagement with him. After hearing this, not only the contestants present in the house, but also the fans and spectators present outside were quite surprised.

Supporting Asim Riaz, his brother Umar Riaz wrote “I don’t think Asim should be blamed for Himanshi’s breakup. Asim and Himanshi played in a very dignified way and never crossed any limits. We have always seen both of them in a beautiful bond. The reason for the breakup cannot be linked to Bigg Boss ” He further wrote “As Asim said that Chow was a Liberal sang and of course he knew that people would try to get closer to her, there is no doubt that she is a beautiful woman, so I think these Let not everything be held responsible for “Asim”. Salman Khan also told Aseem Riaz a lot and told him that he would keep Himanshi Khurana happy after coming out.

After watching yesterday’s episode, Himanshi Khurana wrote “I apologize, Aseem you had to listen today. It was shocking for me too …. You need inspiration at the moment because I am very upset … Another thing that is with me in Teriyaan Mohabtaan Song is not just co-singer Hai Chow … “After watching the last episode, the fans have given various reactions on Twitter.



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