Bigg Boss 13 Eviction Update Week 17 – Shefali Jariwala to evict from the show this week, check out here Asim Riaz’s fans reaction


A shocking news has surfaced about Salman Khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss 13. It is heard that on this weekend, Shefali Jariwala, popularly known as ‘Thorn Laga’ Girl, has been shown the way out. Shefali Jariwala has been evicted from Salman Khan’s show due to low votes, in such a situation, fans of Asim Riaz are very happy to hear this news. Actually, cold war was seen between Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala inside the Bigg Boss house for a few days. Last night, a fierce battle was witnessed between Shefali Jariwala and Asim Riaz.

In fact, last night, Bigg Boss gave a task to the families, under which everyone had to announce the names of those two people with mutual consent, due to which more tasks have been canceled in the house. During this time, there was a lot of rage between Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala. This is the reason that the fans of Asim Riaz are breathing relief after hearing the news of Shefali Jariwala’s eviction.

Some people say that Shefali Jariwala has to pay the price due to her confrontation with Asim Riaz, while some people tweet targeting Shefali Jariwala’s husband and TV actor Parag Tyagi are seen

See people’s tweets below …

Soon there will be a wild card entry at home
Recently, we had informed you in one of our reports that a wild card entry is going to happen in this house soon. Soon some member will come from the house of the Contestants in this house and he will also stay inside the house for a few days. For the moment, tell in the comment box that according to you, the eviction of Shefali Jariwala is justified?


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