Bigg Boss 13 Eviction Today – Himanshi Khurana evicted from Bigg Boss house during Weekend Ka Vaar episode

bigg boss 13 eviction today

Bigg Boss 13 weekend has arrived which means two things, meeting Salman Khan for his classes and appreciations in Weekend Ka Vaar episode and another is eviction. This week Bigg Boss voting polls were opened late as Paras Chhabra who was nominated and sent out in the mid-week outside Bigg Boss house due to a finger injury.

After that Bigg Boss voting polls were opened and all the nominated contestants were heavy weights like Asim Riaz, Shefali Jariwala, Rashami Desai and Himanshi Khurana. It was a short voting poll hence there was nothing much to be done by celebrities or personalities to support their favourite contestant. Hence in the end it was a close call between Shefali Jariwala and Himanshi Khurana as Asim Riaz was way ahead in voting and Rashami was also with few votes. Hence out of Shefali and Himanshi Khurana it was shocking to see Himanshi getting eliminated.

It will be a shock for Asim too as Asim and Himanshi have officially declared the love yesterday. Are you happy with the Himanshi eviction from Bigg Boss house? Comment below.


  1. Yes Big Boss is being bias. It is very much clear that Big boss wants to save paras by any ways.. When paras and Mahira was in bottom two why they were not evicted from the show….. We are not fools that we are giving our precious time to vote.. All our votes and time are being wasted.. Very disappointed.. If our votes don’t matter and big boss wants to save only his favourite contestants then do what ever u want to do big boss… We don’t want to vote any more.. # bias bigg-boss.. Paras should be evicted to respect audience vote and decision… Deboleena is not evicted from the show she will come back in the show it was a stupid reason to save paras… Very bad strategy to save paras… I m not a fan of big boss now.. Very disappointed..

    • Yes i agree with you that bigg bose is very bais.i will not watch bigg boss now becouse why Mahira and paras did not evicted from bigg bose house even Mahira is not doing anything by luck she came final and thatsway rashmi went out the bigg boss house.and paras done nonsense thing in the task and he was also nominated but becouse of his finger he went from house for treatment he save for eviction i am really disappointed. Because i love to see Himanshi and asim till the end .

  2. Yes. Very happy that himanshi is evicted. Initially she was acting naive but now she is in her true colours by using her Pappu asim as a tool to instigate others and targeting others. Asim is a actually a toyboy to her

  3. Salman Khan is very biased for shehnaaz Gill all her antics body shaming and mimic of other contestant is taken as entertainment. Why doesn’t salman blast her. Why is Salman not roasting her for aggressive behavior. Why is Shukla still in the show after he physically pushed Asim. All this is scripted. Viewers are fooled. Paras should have been eliminated and roasted for his biased sanchalak views where he openly said he is cheating. What is the sense of all the tasks if the results is fixed before hand. Bad joke BiggBoss

  4. We live in London and are all time favourites of Bigg Boss 13. We watch the show every night and are surprised to note that the show is getting more and more biased day by day. Shukla and Shenaaz can get away with anything, while others are openly insulted on national television—COLORS–PLEASE PLAY FAIR AND LET VIEWERS ALL OVER THE WORLD ENJOY THE SHOW.

    • Who count public vote.. bigg boss is a big fraud show.. Paras n Mahira me ek Ko Jana tha to first evict krte then kya PTA Paras hi Nikita..ya Mahira b niklti to Paras fr kra aata surgery….please don’t waste time to see bigg Boss..

  5. I’m stunned….Paras and Mahira got away in the previous week…and himnashi????is out?…and Shukla is still not kicked out… …the housemates doesn’t know,but show is somehow SCRIPTED

  6. Yes i am very happy because i think that himanshi is just using asim for her game….so that she can get same footage…asim is just a tpy for her….as she told she is already engaged than how she can even have feelings for him….asim also acting like a fool…even after knowing that she is engaged he tries to flirt with her…and himanshi is taking advantage of this…without asim support she would not have made this much also journey in bigg boss house…i very happy she got evicted….

  7. I like Himanshi because she never use wrong words for anyone, she is sweet and kind of person and I also like her friendship with asim.

  8. Color and Salman is biased. The moment anything comes against Shehnaaz he tries to cover up. By asking all contestants to leave what does he wants to prove . And why did he leave Mahira she also pushed Shefali zariwala. Why does Arti interfere in every thing just sticking her neck in everything. If last week Paras and Mahira were not evicte because Devoleena left than this week also no one should be evicted because paras left. So that’s biasing. Shehnaaz has been mimicking Himanshi through out. Does she have license to do that. Or is it that bas chalo bachate rahi. Than remove all and keep only the 3-4 people you like and enjoy yourself. Leave the time space for some other program. BIGGBOSS

  9. Yes I’m very happy because himanshi is more than devil in the house with one eye, she’s using Asim. Gossiper she deserve it.

  10. Big boss v r ur die hard fans…but I want to say it million times that Salman khan & you are playing biased…Sidharth & shehnaz can do anything but Rashmi & party will be blasted by Salman khan….how can we disclose someone’s personal details in national television & that too By our THE Salman khan.
    I am confused whether my power of choosing right person is gone or you people are playing biased.

  11. Been a big fan of bigg boss from day 1, always followed it with full loyalty. The worse season is this 13. As bigg boss is so biased.. salman did not lash out on sana when she started all the rubbish remarks…. also the support for paras and mahira the worse contestant from bigg boss is intolerable. Seems likes bigg boss kids they both are…

  12. Yes, very happy as she is very manipulative and haughty. The way she talks is so annoying. She thinks she is the most knowledgeable person but now is shown her true place. Good work by BB viewers and team.????????????

  13. BB is biased.Salman also biased.Siddharth sheila and shahbaz are well deserved to be evicted at the first instance.But Salman always let them go and gives big lectures to others.Mahira and Paras are very rude and imitates all.But they are saved.Then why not Himanshi.BB wants to isolate Asim by doing all these.If this continues we are interested in BB

  14. When Paras chabra and Mahira were in bottom two, why didn’t you evict any one from these two. Then BB says Devoleena is injured that’s why nobody will be evicted.
    Now Himanshi and Shefali in bottom two and Paras chabra is injured then why are you evecting any.
    It means BB is totally biased.

  15. I like Himanshi because she never use wrong words for anyone, she is sweet and kind of person and I also like her friendship with asim.
    I’m stunned….Paras and Mahira got away in the previous week…and himnashi????is out?…and Shukla is still not kicked out… …the housemates doesn’t know,but show is somehow SCRIPTED.
    See what will be happen in next week in BB house.

  16. I like the Himanshi and Asim friendship but Shehnaz and Mahira playing big game in the house same as Paras.
    See what will be happen in next week in BB house.

  17. Bigboss is totally biased , He wants to save Paras a dustbin guy, Why you cancelled the eviction last week due to Devleena was out for treatment, now ‘things are same Paras gone for treatment and you evicted the Himanshi. I think we all viewers are wasting our time because there are no values to our votes… Now i will stop to watch BB. Its totally biased and scripted because BB wants to be in final Paras, Mahira, Shukla (a sick man) and Sana (inmatured lady)

  18. Of course, we are really very happy because she is not what she was showing in Bigg Boss. She was trying to gain sympathy from audience and housemates by telling one side of story she didn’t even say once that she did it too. She said used abusive language to one page admin during the controversy that she had with Sana. Who think she is innocent they should go and watch her videos when she was replying to Jatt b like page admin.


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