Bigg Boss 13 evicted contestant Arhaan Khan shares a heart warming note for his fans

rashami desai arhaan khan

Contestant Arhan Khan, who came via wild card last night, is out of Bigg Boss 13’s house. Himanshi Khurana was also in danger along with Arhaan Khan, but due to margin of few votes, Arhaan only came out of Salman Khan’s show. Soon after coming out of this show, Arhaan revealed a lot of things from his journey to the game plan and Rashmi Desai. Arhan is a good friend of Rashmi Desai and after leaving the show (Bigg Boss 13), he has given a special message to the fans and Rashami Desai.

Arhan Khan has thanked people by sharing last night’s videos on his Instagram. Sharing these videos, Arhaan Khan wrote in the caption that, ‘My journey to Bigg Boss house may have been very short, but the love and support received by you guys is really important and incredible to me. My journey in the Bigg Boss house may have been short lived. But all this love and support from you guys is really overwhelming and unbelievable! Thank you for supporting me and I think it’s really kind of you to think that I shouldn’t have been evicted. It’s a little upsetting because I was just starting to get a good grip on the game! I’ll definitely miss my bestie, Rashami Desai ❤ Play well, and get the trophy!

See below the post by Arhan Khan…
Thank you guys for supporting me, and I think the way you thought that I should not be evict … is your love. ‘Arhaan Khan further wrote,’ I am a little Upset because I had a good hold on the show. I am going to miss my special friend Rashmi Desai. Play well and come out with a trophy. You always get the best. You are the strongest My support and love will always be with you. ‘

Arhaan and Rashami were to be married at Bigg Boss 13 house
It was heard that Rashami and Arhaan are about to get married in Bigg Boss house but both have always denied the point of their relationship. Both have so far publicly said that they are good friends of each other.



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