Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task: Who Will Be the Second Elite Club Member of Bigg Boss 13?

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Bigg Boss 13 enters its seventeenth week in style. The sensational doll of Bigg Boss, Hina Khan made her fourth entry into the Bigg Boss 13 house this week.  Last week, Hina Khan entered the house on a mission to find out the list of contestants who will qualify for the BB Elite club. Asim Riaz won the task which made him the first Elite club member of the house.

Hina Khan reenters the house to promote the trailer of ‘Hacked’. Also, the results of the Elite Club task will be crucial for the contestants to seal their fate in the upcoming crucial weeks in the house.

Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task Winner – Aarti Singh , Rashami Desai or Mahira Sharma? Who Will Win?

Hina Khan entered the house and sprinkled dazzle on the floor. Hina Khan kick started the Bigg Boss second Elite Club task which involved three ladies fighting it out for a very crucial spot.

Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task is back with an interesting task this week. 3 Horses are there and at every buzzer one contestant has to change his/her seat and give it to another contestant. When the buzzer rings, one contestant has to get down and elect another contestant as their replacement. The contestant who is seated will convince the other contestant to get down. At the end of the fourth buzzer, Arti Singh, Rashami and Mahira are the contenders for the second BB Elite Club task.

Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task Details 20th January

At the end of the first buzzer, Rashami gets down and gets replaced by Vishal. Vishal’s legs touched the ground while changing sides. Siddharth raised the issue with the ‘sanchalak’ for the task which is Asim Riaz. This triggers a major fight where Asim ends up pushing Siddharth. Siddharth abuses Asim’s father and he boycotts every team member of his from participating if Vishal doesn’t get down from the horse.

Bigg Boss intervened and asked Asim and Siddharth to calm down and asks them to proceed with the task. Hina Khan enters towards the fag end of the task which is left with Arti, Rashami and Mahira. Bigg Boss instructs Hina Khan to take every contestant aside and make a decision on the rejection. Arti, Rashami and Mahira make their points clear to Hina. An unconvinced Hina Khan asks Mahira to make her own decision.

A steamy Bigg Boss Elite Club Task is guaranteed. Who Will End Up Winning It? Let us know in the comments below.



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