Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task: Arti Singh Wins the Task But Shocking Twist Awaits From Hina Khan!


In a week marred by violence, the fate of the Elite Club task hangs in balance in Bigg Boss 13 house. Hina Khan enters towards the fag end of the task which is left with Arti, Rashami and Mahira. Bigg Boss instructs Hina Khan to take every contestant aside and make a decision on the rejection. Arti, Rashami and Mahira make their points clear to Hina. An unconvinced Hina Khan declares Mahira failed in the task.

Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task Details 21st January: Arti Singh Ends Up on Top, But??

A ‘Bhopu’ is present in the open area of the BB lawn and contestants can give their perspective on the three contenders for the second Elite Club task. If the contestants agree they can give a yes or no. The contender with the most ‘no’s’ will lose the game. Hina Khan is the judge for this task.

Paras gives ‘aadesh’ to Rashmi and asks her to trim her eyebrows. Hina Khan intervenes before Rashmi says yes or no. She rejects Paras’ aadesh.

Mahira asks Rashmi to apply mehendi on her face. Rashmi agrees to do it.

Vishal asks Arti Singh to cut her hair. Arti agrees to it. (Fellow contestants do not like Vishal’s ‘aadesh’ and asks him to do something sensible). We wonder how Mahira’s ‘aadhesh’ is sensible by any chance.

Shefali asks Arti Singh to eat 20 chillis. Arti agrees and she successfully does it.

Siddharth and Asim Fight Again, Siddharth Breaks Down!

Siddharth and Asim’s duel seems to have no ending in place. They end up in a verbal tussle in front of Hina Khan this time. The verbal duel turns awry and Bigg Boss calls them to the confession room. Siddharth confesses that he does not want to continue in the show anymore as he cannot tolerate him anymore.

Bigg Boss 13 Elite Club Task Results

Hina Khan declares that Arti and Rashami gave their fullest to the task at stake. However, Arti Singh was declared as the winner. However, Hina Khan reveals that there is no winner for the Elite club task this week in a shocking twist.


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