Bigg Boss 13 Eliminations Nominations Vote Online – These Four Contestants Are in Danger of Eviction This Week! Vote Below

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Bigg Boss 13 starts fresh this week with new nomination process on Monday 9th December 2019 for Week 11. With Himanshi Khurana getting eliminated on Sunday during a cracking Weekend Ka Vaar, this week promises to be fiersome, witty and action packed. Nominations for elimination is announced immediately by Bigg Boss for this week and there is no task involved like last time. Siddharth Shukla is nominated directly by Bigg Boss this week as a result of his penalty for aggression against Asim Riaz.

Bigg Boss 13 Week 11 Elimination Nomination Process

While the previous weeks’ elimination nomination processes taking place with the scarecrow task, this week Bigg Boss decided to have the elimination process within closed doors. Each contestant can take the privilege of nominating two housemates from the confession room.

Bigg Boss 13 Week 11 Eviction Nominations – Which Contestants Were Saved By Whom?

Bigg Boss 13’s closed door nominations brought out the nominations for this week.

Here’s how each contestant nominated their fellow contestants:

Vikas Nominated Bhau & Arhaan

Arhaan Nominated Shehnaz and Mahira

Vishal Nominated Shehnaz and Mahira

Bhau Nominated Shehnaz and Mahira

Asim Nominated Mahira and Shefali Bagga

Rashmi Nominated Shehnaz and Mahira

Shehnaz Nominated Madhurima and Bhau

Shefali Jariwala Nominated Shehnaz and Mahira

Mahira Nominated Madhurima and Bhau

Madhurima Nominated Mahira and Shehnaz

Arti Nominated Bhau and Shehnaz

Bagga Nominated Mahira and Arti

Who gets nominated this week for elimination?

  • Shehnaaz Gill
  • Sidharth Shukla
  • Madhurima Tuli
  • Hindustani Bhau

Madhurima Fails to Make an Impact in Her First Week

Madhurima Tuli was one of the three contestants to enter the house as wildcard entries last week. A lot of expectations were riding on her shoulders as Vishal Aditya Singh is also present in the house. However, Madhurima failed to attract coverage nor attention. She was a mute spectator in major incidents in the house. She failed to take a stand nor support anyone. As a result of failed connections in the house, Madhurima lost her ground.

Shehnaz Drops from the Most Favorite Lady in the House to the Most Hated!

Shehnaaz is one of the most favored contestants of Bigg Boss 13. While she has a huge fan base and is likely to be saved from eliminations, she has lost the faith and love of her fellow contestants in the house. After siding with Paras and Mahira, Siddharth and Shehnaaz seem to be losing a lot of popularity both inside and outside the house.

Top 2 Contestants of Bigg Boss 13 are Unsafe this Week?

Shehnaaz, Siddharth are considered to be the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13 so far. It would be interesting to see how the elimination nominations pan out as these two contestants are unsafe for this week.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online

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      • Vote online in Voot website –

Vote for your favourite contestant

Shehnaaz Gill
Madhurima Tuli
Hindustani Bhau
Sidharth Shukla
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Voting lines will be opening soon and the News Crunch online voting will be updated in sometime. Who will get evicted this week? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. asha hua k himanshi ghar se nikel gae ab rashmi or arhaan ko b nikalo , bhau pehle asha ta kise ko itna ghalt nahi bolta tha par himanshi or rashmi ne osee b apne jasa kar deaa , himanshi nikel gae asha ha

  2. Bigg Boss is very much favouring to Paras and Mahira as well Sid.
    I don’t think this fair show, but I love to watch mentality of this people. Just think about only last night nomination, I am sure if Bigg Boss not support Mahira will be evicted this weekend, Bigg Boss knew Sid x Paras will support her.

  3. Bigg Boss can’t stay without Sid, Sana, Paras & Mahira. The show should come to an end & BB should announce Sid as the winner as we all know already he will be the winner. BB has been favouring these contestants from the beginning. Paras does not understand any game & he always take the wrong decision & BB goes with his decision. I think Paras is only the BB. What a shame. Bigg Boss does not have a backbone of its own. I have seen all 12 seasons & this is the worst season ever.

  4. Gali Gali mein Shor hai, BIGG BOSS CHOR HAI. MADARCHOD Bigg Boss is doing favouritism and support on that BEHANCHOD Siddarth and that MAA KA LAVADA Paras and that BHOSADIKI Mahira and CHINAL Shehnaz. That cock sucker Bigg Boss/ COLOURS Team motherfuckers / ENDOMOL cock suckers have only been favouring these 4 cunts. Even public vote has no value to them. What is the point of asking the public to vote when at the end of the day the fucker Bigg Boss twists and turns the scenario to his favour to try and stop his 4 bastards and citches frm getting nominated/evicted. BIGG BOSS go and suck your own dick and the dicks of your 4 cock suckers.


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