Bigg Boss 13 Elimination Week 5 Leaked – Check out who gets eliminated this week

bigg boss 13 week 4 nomination task

There was a midnight eviction process after Weekend Ka Vaar episode was aired on Week 4 Sunday 27th October 2019. One of the housemates was evicted during this process. This episode is not aired and may not be aired till week 5. Information about who was evicted is leaked now by BiggBoss_Tak and The Khabri Twitter accounts. They’ve been correct with most of their news and hence they can be considered as a trusted source.

It’s now leaked that Siddhartha Dey is first eviction of Week 5. There was no eviction last week due to Diwali celebration but Salman Khan warned everyone that half the house will be eliminated in the coming weeks. Starting which this has taken place. Sidhartha Dey is with lowest vote count in the recently concluded voting poll of Week 4. Even his actions are not liked by the people of the house as well as the audience.

Siddhartha Dey was warned by Salman Khan for using abusive words inside the house and hence his eviction is not a surprise for many. Infact most of the fans will be happy to see Siddhartha gone. Six new contestants will enter the house as wild card entry out of which three are already in the secret room. So there will be more eliminations in the coming days.

Who should get eliminated next in Bigg Boss 13? Comment below.


  1. Mahira sharma should be out of the bigg boss 13 house as he does not have his own brain. That ‘s where the paras always looks. One who speaks for the paras only responds to him.

  2. Paras should be the next one to be evicted, he is playing the game behind the women he can convince them to follow his dirty plans. He is not man enough to even compete with Siddhartha Dey, the least popular contestant.

  3. I think aarti should be thrown out more than anyone…. she is just looking to hook up with anyone and is a lost soul wandering in the house….

  4. I think salman should be fair rather than influenced by votes …

    Shanaaz is super fake and have anger issues

    Sidharth shukla is Psycho ….

    Asim have anger issues …
    But for salman people with least number of votes are culprit ???

    • Salman is always biased. Sddharth Shukla is the most idiot / Psycho person. Never adjusting, most irritating and have no manners. Looks like an alien.

      • You are wrong mere bhai shukla is playing good.ya he gets agrresive to fast but its good because its biggboss.IN BIGGBOSS YOU CAN BE AGGRESIVE AND IF U CAN MAKE YOUR OPPONENT QUIT BY BEING AGGRESIVE THAN ITS HIS QUALITY.

  5. Bimbette Mahira followed by Enuch Paras followed by dumbolina Debo followed by chepkali shefali followed by fatty bombalati Rashmi. Get these swines outta da Bigg Boss house.

  6. I think siddhart Shukla and shanaaz should be evicted they both are so irritating and i don’t know why Salman is supporting this person

  7. I think Mahira… she is the most ill mannered in that group…. she is demanding to b talked nicely to her.. well TO GAIN RESPECT,U HAVE TO GIVE RESPECT.. she is not giving respect..she does not have the basic manners of how to talk in the first place.. my son watches BIG BOSS too n he just 10 years old.. even he has said that Mahira has no manners mom… for him she looks a fish(becoz of her lips)..she provokes people.. she definitely needs to b out of that house…being rich doesn’t mean u look down o bc others.. u need to have a good heart n soul..both of which Mahira doesn’t have…. n one more thing…yes she pretty but not that beautiful… my son has rejected her saying she is not pretty at all mumma..she is the irritating person in big boss

  8. BB13 hi dekh Rahi ho na dipali ji… Shukla, shehnaaz, aarti n Asim they all r fake… Baat ka batangar banana aur har time aggressive ho Jana bahut hi ghatiya khel rahe hai ye 4 contestants…aur to aur ye Shukla manhi man me shehnaaz ko like Karne laga hai issliye wo har samay shehnaaz ko bharkata hai Paras ke khilap…

    • Bilkul sahi observation. Sidharth Shukla has gidh drashti on Shehnaaz. Just pretending that he is caring because she is childlike but in reality he doesn’t want that Shahnaz get along with anyone other than him. Every time whenever Shahnaz sitting with other members,he got restless and started bitching about them.

  9. Mahira should be out two face personal
    Shidhart does have anger he should control his temper otherwise hes real . He should be the winner

  10. Aarti … She does not have a clue
    Sana … Acts innocent , but in reality she is not
    Siddharth Dey … Does not know what to talk
    Shefali …. Picks up fight unnecessaily
    Mahira … Boring
    Debolina … Zero entertainment value

    These five does not deserve to be in the house

  11. According to me first mahira sharma, than sidharat dey, then reshmi desai, than paras chabra, than debolina nd last aarti . Just because six has to go out of bigg boss house.

  12. Sorry it’s shefali not aarti. I m extremely sorry. Because shefali is double dholki. In simple she is bin pendi ka lota kabhi idhar tho kabhi udhar

  13. According to me first mahira sharma, than sidharat dey, then reshmi desai, than paras chabra, than debolina nd last shefali bagga.

  14. Aarti looks like a lost lamb,
    Sid day is another lost black lamb
    Mahira is just to loud
    So them 3 for sure.

    Sid shuk don’t like him at all but that’s my view, but he should stay!

    Love list:

    Paras is miss judged, yes he’s playing a game and that’s the whole point!
    Reshmi I like her regardless… she clear has issues but hey who don’t.
    Sana ummm I do and I don’t like her! She needs counselling when she comes out! She’s way to ditsy for her age!

    Everyone else they are just bla and ok to stay in

  15. Mahira is useless…She herself must be not knowing why she in BB
    Shefali is another sample…Creates issues to get seen in the house
    Siddharth Dey…He thinks he is the smartest ….Giving everyone his useless advice
    Rashmi…Is too obsessed with Siddharth Shukla
    Shehnaz…Trying to fool the public by acting innocent
    Aarti….Lost soul
    Debolina…Thinks she is in a daily soap…Waiting to say her lines
    Asim…Honest..Tries to put his point thru but is getting covered under Shukla
    Siddharth Shukla…Smart player…That’s wat it takes to be a winner

    So…Mahira should be going out first…Then Siddhartha Dey…Then Shefali….Then Debolina…Then Aarti…Then Rashmi…And so on

  16. I think Sidhartha day should be eliminated first … because he didn’t know how to play and use rubbish language .. I really do not know how he is written professionally

    Than secondly debolina should be thrown out … she is a girl with innocent face but poor ,bad and rubbish language … she is very aggressive … I do not like her at all … I think she should be thrown out soon ….

    Nd 3 rd elimination should be of Reshami .. she has just one target that is Shukla .. her life in big boss just revolve around Shukla … she also do brain wash of other people .. nd the title meethi shuriii fits on her nicely . She is a person who feel jealous with Shukla .. nd think all other are partial .. but she has no game plan except how to cry and yell

  17. I think Paras is not playing good game every time playing behind girls. So Paras should be nominated. And Debolina is a cheater girl bc she always role play as a villian roal. So Debo and Paras Should be out in to Big Boss.

  18. After sidharat dey mahira 100percentage she is the one who will be eliminated next from bigg boss13, nd after that comes the double dholki sefali bagga, than reshmi desai nd rest depends upon vote. Sorry one is aarti.

  19. Shukla should be out of the bigg boss. Too much attitude. I don’t know why some of you are supporting him. He is the trouble maker of the house. He doesn’t know how to talk, he barks like a dog.

  20. Paras is playing well, he should be more strong. But can’t imagine bigg boss without him. He should be there till the final.
    Devoleena is a real crook.

  21. i wish this is the last Big Boss, i dont see any good judgement and games played are even not so fair. Host of the show has disappointed me a couple of times, but not always. i Guess why he couldnt control the loose bull of the house and immature Asin. i Appreciate Koena Mitra for speaking the truth on camera to Salman. THis show is not Big Boss not its psychiatrist hospital.


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