Bigg Boss 13: Dolly Bindra Says Asim, Rashmi And Arhaan are All Dependant on Siddharth Shukla for their Popularity Surge, Fans of Rashmi, Asim Trend #BBKaDamaadSid on Twitter!

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Bigg Boss 13 is heading for a high voltage Weekend Ka Vaar with some electifying fights in store for the audience. Bigg Boss 13’s most popular contestant Siddharth Shukla is currently trending on social media after his intense fight with Rashmi Desai. According to the happenings in the house, Siddharth Shukla was provoked by Rashmi and Siddharth lost his cool, which wasn’t surprising.

The audience are waiting for Salman Khan’s version of analysing the fight while Siddharth’s fans have already voiced support on social media for him. However, all is not well with Asim and Rashmi’s fans as some celebrities are voicing their opinions and taking sides once the news of the fight erupted on social media and news sites.

Dolly D Bindra made a stunning statement on social media which is being interpreted as unprecedented bias by the fans of Asim and Rashmi. According to Dolly, Asim, Rashmi and Arhaan lack identity in the entertainment world and they are totally dependant on Siddharth Shukla to gain attention or respect.

Dolly also said that Asim, Rashmi and Arhaan are the troublemakers in the Bigg Boss 13 house and removing them out of the house will make BB13 more fun and romantic.

Do you agree with Dolly Bindra’s comments on the three contestants of Bigg Boss 13? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I must confess this lady Dolly analysis are right! Rashami arhaan asim and Vishal Truly have no identity and are obviously using Siddharth Shukla to form some sort of recognition on the outside. I also agree the sooner these vile beings are expelled from BB the better the atmosphere will be in BB for us living in Britain to watch, without feeling Shukla is being mentally abused and BB condones the abusive behaviour. We love love Shukla soo much in Britain. The rest are deemed irritating.

    • I love Sid too. Rashmi, asim, are stupid. They are taking footage through Sid and sana is annoying now i liked her before but not anymore she can’t take stand for Sid even she just thinks for herself

    • It is surprising how Rashmi was not given any penalty for throwing hot tea on sid. That is also violence and that too intentional violence. Sid for aggressiveness was given nomination for 2 weeks. Why not for this ‘kachra’ lady as well?

  2. We love sid he is most entertain person in the house .every single person provoke sid. Rashmi Nothing without sid no comment for arhaan sid went to the hospital BBC house no entertainment. Every body’s dependent on him .sid you are amazing person.

  3. Rashmi is the most dignified player in the house, a strong woman who knows how to stand up for her rights. Shukla possibly needs his dose of drugs n hence behaving crazy, send him to a rehab pls!

    • It’s not called playing with diginity…instead it’s called provoking. There was no business of hers to interfer when sid and Asim were arguing, she always bad mouth others but when somebody does for her then she plays the women card..disgusting

      • Well saif Tania totally agree if you cant handle it dont dish it SIMPLE!! BB needs to get rid of rashemia and send her to rehab shes lost the plot. How she thinks its ok to throw hot drink on anyone i will never know and how BB have kept her in after this is un real

    • Siddharth Shukla used Rashami’s name in every conversation and provoke her as well..i think Siddharth need some medicine for his high temper…..i don’t know why Mahira is stil in this game.. full of energy waste and time waste girl…

    • Oh please.. Rashmi and Asim are one to provoke. Rashmi is zero without Deboleena and Arhan. She cannot stand on her own feet. Debo advised her also earlier. Sid is good to those who are good to him.. Y shld he take her nonsense?

    • Ohh yeah…ur opinion is nonsense…she called him a fraud in previous she abuses him and Asim and Rashmi are the ones to poke him to get content….so let’s be fair and better not to play women card…arhan is a useless piece of shit…why did he throw tea on him…just to get bashed….bloody spineless creatures…

    • Agree with Rashmi’s comment here, Sidharth needs to discuss Rashmi every day, he feels his wicked laughter describing “Rashmi as Aisi Ladki “ is entertainment? What a sick sense of entertainment then! Pls send him to a rehab asap

    • True Ryma
      This Sadist Sid needs more treatment at the hospital..

      While Sid was away, Asim managed his own and still is. He does not need Sid.

      What popularity Sid holds? Nothing grand laa

      All are famous in their own ways…

  4. Rashmi and Asim are the culprits and are only surviving only because of Sid …it’s time that sallu Bhai lashes out both these cockroaches out of the big boss house ..arhaan is no count in the house just a waister

  5. Dolly bindra is right… Damn right… Remove Rashmi and arhan or ask them not to have conversations with Siddharth… They will never be seen.
    The same applies for shehnaaz Gill as well… Her foolish talks after being rejected by Siddharth, she did not take time to switch towards Asim. Again not finding any popularity there she flipped back towards Siddharth by trying to hold him towards his fight. Dolly you are right

  6. Rashmi kay dil or dimag per stddharth chhya huaa hai. Uski har baat ka rashmi per ferk padhta hai..rashmi jitna ganda sid kay liye bolti hai or fir rotee chilaatee hai, women card play kerti hai, is subkay response main sid kahin better hai, best hai

  7. Yes Bindra is right, woman should be dignified, decent, which is lacking in Rashmi. She can not hold her tongue. She is redicules. Thank God such a woman is not inour families

  8. Yesterday waiting for Salman he didn’t turnup. V changed channel bcz the episode was the worst ever. Pl throw rashmi out of the house

  9. I don’t support dolly. What happened in house only for sid Sukla .He deserve to leave the house. His behaviour is not just in Hindustan. What did he for BB entertainment why support him blindly. I think has no families.if he leaves i will see bb program.

  10. Rashmi tum kya bolti hu kuch to socha kro. Women’s card khelne se kuch nhi hoga. Sid se aapka kya problem h wo to nhj pta pr show m aap sid se jgra krne k alawa kuch nhi kr rahi. Irritating lady rashmi desai.Sahnaz agar aap sid ko friend bolti ho to jab sab sid ko log target krte h to aapko uske sath hon achhaiye pr aap to side kr jati kaisi frendship h….

  11. It’s sidharth shukla who is actually targetting Rashmi desai how can sid be alone and strong player when mahira, arti and Paras are supporting him even when he is wrong bloody big boss is scripted go Asim and Rashmi without rashmi the show is flop

  12. This is the truth. Rashmi is already floundering coz of wrong doing of arhaan who apparently has no identity. As of Asim usse jyada bada wannabe n ghada not seen yet in Bigg boss. Shukla see lade nahi toh how will their bread be buttered????

  13. Rashmi Desai and Asim is the worst contestant in the history of BB they shoud be removed from the house so that there can be a good atmosphere in the house .stupid Rashmi Desai & Asim

  14. Rasmi Desai & Asim is one of the worst contestant in the history of BB they should be removed from the house for their behaviour so that the house have a positive atmosphere. Stupid & idiot

  15. Sid reacts only when provoked…..Rashmi and Asim are the worst troublemakers and provokers….and they play victim card… Disgusting contestants both Trashmi and Assim

  16. Sid shukla is proveked by Asim regularly…. Azim uses his barking power only with sid shukla as he his aware sid looses his cool very fast and azim can catch that one point of sid for a day long arguments…. Full day footage..
    Throw azim out, rashmi and arhaan if get nominated will never get a single vote…. Athan should be torn completely not only his shirt….
    Culprit azim, provoker arhaan and Brainless Rashmi…. Negative energy inside biggboss…

  17. Arhaan has been playing for Rashmi alone…..
    In this process sometimes tries to flirt with other women in the house..
    Azim is a zero image… If he gets Into arguments with shefali or mahira, he runs away from that end..
    If it’s an argument with abra ka dabra, paras chabbra he cannot make it interesting, ….
    His only targets Sid Shukla, to come in to a limelight..
    Azim footage is clearly seen only through Sid shukla arguments..
    The creative team of BB13 and Salman shld warm this unmannered and lost guy to find his own way or leave biggboss house immd…

    • SRN, yes you are right. Infect he is the most insecure person in the house and i am saying this bcos of his act. When wild card entries came to the house and Paras tried them to be in his group, he said to Sid that “ab kya hum dono to akele pad gaye, Arti aur Sana par mujhe bharosa nahi”, tab SID NE KAHA THA KI “MUJHE FARAK NAHI PADTA, KOI BAAT KARE TO THIK AUR NA KARE TO THIK”, and tab se wo Sid se alag hona chata tha APPLE to bahana tha????, and then he made his own group with Himanshi, Bhau and Jariwala. Ab jab Himanshi Bhau cahle gaye to, wo usne Jariwala se keha ki ab hum dono akele h, aur “hum ko ek dusre ka sath dena h chahe jo kuch ho jaye”, jabki usne khud kuch din pehle Jariwala se ladai karke use “rat in the house kaha. Fir jab Jariwala se ladai hue to usne Rshmi aur Arhaan ko pakad liya. According to me BB house main FIPPER ShEhnaz nahi balki “ASIM IS THE BIGGESSSSSST FLIPPER”…Sana se jyad Asim flip karta h….Sana to bas dono se dosti rakhna chahti h…rahi baat bharose ki jo wo hamesh Sid ko bhadkata rehta tha ki mujhe Arti aur Sana pàr BHAROSA nahi but actually Asim khud BHAROSE k kabil nahi h..

  18. Rashmi is a disgusting woman..she deserves Arhaan type people…she uses bad language for others and if someone reacts she plays victim card…she is nonsense….her language shows her level.

  19. I don’t think so coz Shidharth is always targeting Rashmi & Asim is playing well. Sid has a gutter mouth about girls he always opens his mouth talking something shot. Rashmi & Asim deserves to be in bigg boss

  20. Sid is alwayas big boss13 asim,rashmi and arhann ko sirf Sid ka hi sahara hai big boss main rahene ke liye.sid nahi hota to inko kon kab ke bahar ho jate lallu Kahi ke..

  21. I totally agree with majority here sid is being targeted by asim and clan. Rashemi should have been removed from the house she will all the contenders will think its ok to throw hot tea on eachother #SIDALLTHEWAY

  22. LOVE FOR SiD ????????????????????????????????SiD REAL HERO ????????????????????????????????????KEEP iT UP SiD ????????????????????????????????

  23. If Rashmi doesn’t have identity then who has? She is the highest paid contestant in BB, completely self made woman, a talented actress n is the only female contestant in BB show who stands up for her dignity in front of bullies like Sidharth.

  24. Siddharth is totally mad. He doesn’t know how to give respect. hence don’t get respect from house mates.He is irritating Rashmi with dirty remarks of “Tere Jaisi” with the intent to tarnish a woman’s image. With negative meanings.
    Throw Sid out of the house. Kachra….

  25. Siddarth ne rasmi ko naukrani kyun bola jab normal baat chal rahi thi to …….baat wahi se badhi fir sid baar ye bol raha tha aisi ladki wo bhi ishara karke ..ek baar nikla muh se to nikla par baar bolne ki kya zarurat thi …wahin par sid galat ho jata hai..natiional tv par ladki ke liye baar wahi shabd bolna jisse ladki chhid rahi hai ye kahan ki tamiz hai

  26. Dolly Bindra herself was very abusive and aggressive that’s why she is supporting Siddharth .
    #Siddharth BB ka damad
    All contestants should walk out
    Mahira Paras why are allowed in come in fights ?
    Why is Vikas Gupta made witness if Salman watches all episodes?
    Salman lies or avoids issues to save Siddharth , Paras n Mahira .
    Mahira , Shefali Zariwala , Paras come in fights and they all make fun of Asim , Arhaan,Rashmi
    SHAME on Siddharth

  27. Rashmi lost her sense and her image as character is very bad person in real life plus choosing Arhaan shows she doesn’t have her own respect

  28. Dolly binders comments are perfect
    Rashmi lost her sense and her image as character is very bad person in real life plus choosing Arhaan shows she doesn’t have her own respect

  29. Rashmi’s melodrama, mera oloo sida-chamcha Arhaan,
    begani shaadi mein abdul dewana,
    Vikhas – no comments
    Siddharth one and only one.

  30. Rashmi Desai, Asim, Arhaan Khan are worst people people in big boss 13 history. All three lier and trouble makers. Rashmi is one of anger and jealousy about Siddharth and she feel that she is not a winner. Arhaan nothing value in Bigg boos 13, also Asim is just created trouble again Siddharth, Asim alway poking Siddharth first but Asim alway blaming Siddharth, Asim is one of idiot and lier and instigating Siddharth and all are gutter ke kida hai, stop all three, they created own problems.

  31. Please support siddharth Shukla, he is right and all are poking and instigated him first. Sid are always winner!! How long to stay quite and Siddharth have to stand up and speak, rashmi is lier and gutter!


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