Bigg Boss 13 Did Shehnaaz Gill lie about her real age to Salman Khan like Arshi Khan?

bigg boss 13 shehnaaz gill

Recently Himanshi Khurana had revealed that, Shehnaz Gill lies a lot and shared some shocking information. In an interview, Himanshi Khurana claimed that Shehnaz Gill had lied several times at once to spoil their love relationship. Because of which Himanshi Khurana’s love life was completely destroyed. Due to this, Himanshi Khurana became an enemy of Shehnaz Gill and there were differences between them. It seems that Himanshi is rightly speaking about Shehnaaz Gill

That is why she has also resorted to lies to come to the house of Bigg Boss 13. We are not saying this, rather, a post has been revealed which went viral. In this post, it has been claimed that Shehnaz has misrepresented her age in Bigg Boss house. Yes, you heard it righ. It has been said in the post that Shehnaz was born on 27 January 1993. According to which she is 27 years old. At the same time, when Salman Khan asked Shehnaz Gill to know about her age, she told 25 years.

If this claim is true, it means that Shehnaz has lied to come to Bigg Boss 13’s house. By the way, Shehnaz Gill is not the only one doing this feat. Before Shehnaz Gill, Arshi Khan had misrepresented her age in Bigg Boss.

See tweet going viral-

Arshi Khan described herself as from Afghanistan, while she hails from Bhopal. Also she lied about her age and family. That thing is different, Arshi Khan had a lot of fuss due to this issue before. However, please comment your opinion on this issue.



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