Bigg Boss 13 Dalljiet Kaur says Paras Chhabra is misguiding Mahira Sharma for his game

paras chhabra kissing mahira sharma

Seeing the way Paras Chhabra paired with Mahira Sharma in Bigg Boss 13, people believe that he used Mahira Sharma are doing. Sometimes he is seen kissing Mahira and sometimes he is seen hugging her. This is the reason, different things keep happening in this time of the day. It’s not long before Mahira Sharma’s mother denied that Paras Chhabra was not using her daughter to stay in the game.

Mahira Sharma’s mother believed that Paras Chhabra has always supported Mahira and not taken advantage of her in the game. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss 13’s ex-contestant Diljit Kaur has revealed the game of Paras Chhabra in front of everyone.

Dalljiet Kaur believes that Paras Chhabra is using Mahira very thoughtfully so that he can last longer in Bigg Boss 13 game. Yes, you heard right…. In a conversation with Spot Boy, Diljit said, Paras Chhabra has always been good with me at home. He knows how to stay frozen in this game. That’s why he keeps it with all the contestants.

Further Dalljiet Kaun said, if we talk about Mahira Sharma here, Paras Chhabra always gives him wrong advice. He is already dating Akanksha Sharma. So how can he date Mahira Sharma? Seeing the way Akanksha is supporting Paras Chhabra, it seems that he is not going to leave his girlfriend.

In other words, Mahira Sharma also revealed that, Paras Chhabra has tried to breakup with Akanksha many times but Akanksha is not ready to get away from it. In such a situation, it can be said that Paras Chhabra is fooling Mahira for the game. However, please comment your opinion on this issue.



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