Bigg Boss 13 Controversy – Is it right to promote a serial abuser like Hindustani Bhau asks Kanwar Dhillon

Hindustani Bhau bigg boss

TV actor Kanwar Dhillon posted on Facebook last night to ask the question of what is the idea behind bringing a contestant like Hindustani Bhau to increase drama in Bigg Boss.
We talked to Kanwar, who was last seen on Colors’ show Internet Wala Love, and we asked him to talk more about his post and also how he felt about the current season.

“I do not understand why the channel needs to bring in someone like Hindustani Bhau, who is a social media observer. Agreed, he was entertaining during his acquaintance with Salman, but given his personality and inside situation, can you imagine how he would talk to Siddharth Shukla and others? ”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not chased by one person. I am talking about encouraging social media abusers by giving them such a big platform in the name of entertainment. I understand that you need a wide variety of characters, but is that the only way to get interesting content? ”

“Actors like me will be forced to think why we should work so hard on our craft when I can say bad words online just to get name and fame,” said Kanwar, who is now in search of a web series is. Her popular shows Do Dil Ek Jaan, The Buddy Project and Hum Hain Na Thi.

Explains that this is not the first time colored elements have entered the Bigg Boss arena, and he says, “Agreed we saw Imam Siddiqui on the show, but then his antics before anyone entered the house Did not see it, like this time. I don’t think such a face-off personality would have entered Bigg Boss for a long time. ”

Talking about this season, he says, “It is sad that the highly respected and well-known TV actors are shouting at each other at the height of their voices.” Some people may wonder why if it is a bar, then only Dolly Bindra should be spoken alone.

“To be fair, the thing is that many people, including myself, felt that filling the house with the common people had reduced the discourse, but sadly our movers and shakers are worse. ”

“The biggest drawback for me was the silence of the female members of the house (Devoleena Bhatcharji and Rashmi Desai) when contestant Siddharth Dey used extremely objectionable language against Shahnaz Gill.

“Some good people are coming out as bad. The question will be whether his real personality was coming out or is the game getting out of hand. ”

Any thoughts on the players?

“Paras, being a Punjabi like me, speaks loudly. We were gym-mates. No wonder he and Shukla quarrel. Shukla, as a player, is doing well so far. “


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