Bigg Boss 13 contestant Vikas Gupta is out of BB house this week

vikas gupta bigg boss 13 8th december 2019

It would not be wrong to say that, ever since Vikas Gupta entered the house of Bigg Boss 13, people had their eyes fixed on him. Everyone felt that Vikas Gupta would once again come home and change the course of the game. Many times Vikas Gupta has also shown this feat at home. Even after this, Vikas Gupta’s magic could not work in the game this time. Meanwhile, there was speculation that Vikas Gupta would shake the members of Bigg Boss house this time.

That matter is different, Vikas Gupta was seen resolving home conflicts all the time. In the battle of Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla, Vikas Gupta tried to end the fight between these two for 6 hours. That matter is different, all efforts of Vikas Gupta failed.

Since then, it is now believed that the contestants of this time will not come in the bus of development. This is the reason, the show’s makers have now decided to exclude Vikas. Yes, you heard it right…. According to a recent report by Spot Boy, Vikas Gupta’s Eviction is going to happen in the coming weekend.

The makers have taken this decision while long-time fans are waiting for the return of Devoleena Bhattacharjee. In our previous report, we have already told you that, Vikas Gupta came to play the game instead of Debolina Bhattacharjee.

It was being told that Vikas would leave after the arrival of Debolina. That thing is different, even now, Debolina has not entered the house. Vikas Gupta will be out of the house this week before Debolina arrives. After which Vikas is going to celebrate New Year. Anita Hasanandani and Ekta Kapoor are also going to be seen on this new year of development. In such a situation, tell me how much you will miss Vikas Gupta in Bigg Boss house.



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