Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shehnaaz Gill’s funny video is going viral on social media, watch video

bigg boss 13 shehnaaz gill

Punjabi singer Shehnaz Gill, known as Katrina Kaif of Punjab, is seen in Bigg Boss 13 these days. Shehnaz had won the hearts of many crores of Indians on the launch day of this show and on seeing it, she also became Salman Khan’s favorite. Talking about Shehnaaz’s popularity, it is increasing day by day.

Meanwhile, an old video of Shehnaaz Gill is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Yes, in this video Shehnaaz is seen recreating a scene from the film Tees Maar Khan. For this comedy scene of the film, Katrina had won a lot of applause. Well, to talk about Shahnaz’s video, his gestures look exactly like Katrina.

Watch Shahnaz Gill’s video below …

Siddharth is growing closer to Shehnaaz
Shahnaz Gill’s closeness with Siddharth Shukla is increasing day by day. If on any matter, Shehnaz also becomes estranged with Sidharth Shukla, then she convinces him with love.

Elimination will not happen this week
There is no elimination in Bigg Boss 13 this week. If information is revealed, then this week, along with Arhaan Khan, Vishal Aditya Singh is also in the bottom.

Shahnaz’s conflict with Mahira
Mahira and Shehnaz had been in conflict for several days, due to which a fierce fight took place in the last night. Due to this, Paras Chhabra was seen grinding between the two. For the moment, tell us in the comment box that how did you like Shehnaaz Gill’s video? Also tell that do you think Shahnaz will go further in this show?


  1. We like sidnaaz ???????????? but we feel sad Sana is cry and when Siddharth paras mahira is hurting her, please yaar Siddharth don’t hurt, she is so caring about you. Paras and mahira better stay away from our shehnaz, Sana be bold don’t talk with who is not remembering about your feelings, yes Siddharth is not taking care about you yaar then y want too.

  2. Siddharth attitude coming on nerve now. C the way he talked to Salman. He thinks he has already won the show. Though he loved shenaz he wanted to b away from her thinking she might go ahead using him as a lader. He needs to b thrown out. Thrown out. He was clearly told by Asim to go n rest due to his sickness but he didn’t want to rest n create ruksuk. He don’t want to work don’t want to play due to his health but fight.. number one. Disgusting.


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