Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Asim Riaz is Among the List of 50 Sexiest Asian Men, Shares A Spot in the List With Hrithik Roshan!


Hrithik Roshan’s fans rejoiced the announcement of Hrithik Roshan as the ‘Sexiest Asian Man of 2019’. However, Asim Riaz’s fans had something to rejoice too. Asim Riaz is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13.His sizzling body and low profile made him an instant sensation in this season of Bigg Boss 13.

Asim Riaz is a model by profession and flaunts his stunning body more often than not in the Bigg Boss house. Asim also possesses a massive fan base and Asim is frequently trending in Twitter and other social media platforms.

Asim Deserves to Be on the Sexiest Asian Men List 2019?

Asim is having a great run in Bigg Boss 13. He has made his presence felt in Bigg Boss 13 with his huge army of followers. The Asian Sexiest Men list was topped by Hrithik Roshan. The poll was conducted in the UK. Hrithik Roshan also the won the award of the sexiest man of the decade.

Asim Riaz made it to the coveted list of Sexiest Asian Men. This is a huge boost for Asim’s career prospects after the completion of Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss 13 is having a feast of week as Siddharth and Asim lock horns again. Siddharth and Asim’s fans are trending several hashtags for their favorite and against the other. #EvictSidharthShukla and #wesupportasimriaz are trending on social media. Siddharth has been punished by Bigg Boss with a two week elimination nomination for his physical pushes against Asim Riaz during the BB junction captaincy task.



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