Bigg Boss 13 Captaincy: “I Feel Sleepy Too Bigg Boss” Shehnaz Gill’s Fumes Over Inability to Wake Up Contestants As Her Failed Captaincy Comes to An End!

bigg boss 13 shehnaaz gill

Bigg Boss 13 enters its fourteenth week and the drama, chaos fails to reduce. The atmosphere is pretty tense as contestants are fighting over petty issues. A major fight breaks in the Bigg Boss house as the captaincy task got cancelled for this week. 

Shehnaz is the current VIVO captain of the week and it seems like her last day was bad as the others during the whole week. Shehnaz failed as a captain and so did most of the contestants in the house. The contestants are so sleepy this season and seem to lack motivation. Shehnaz Gill finds it extremely difficult to wake up the contestants as the cockadoodledoo starts buzzing around the house.

Shehnaz performs a lot of crazy, funny things to get them out of their beds but fails.

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The promo video of hilarious Shehnaz getting desperate to perform her duty as a captain is trending on social media. The promo starts with Vishal asking Shehnaz to let him sleep as its her last day as captain. However, Shehnaz doesn’t give up and sits on the floor telling, ” You guys have made my life like hell”. She asks every contestant to wake up by singing songs or shouting loudly.

Shehnaz finally gives up and tells Bigg Boss, “Bigg Boss I’ve raised my hands and given up. Even I am feeling sleeping now.” She then goes to Asim and tells, “No one is uthing”.



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