Bigg Boss 13 Breaking News: This Contestant Gets Evicted From Bigg Boss House For the Second Time Today! Exclusive Pictures Leaked!


Bigg Boss 13 completed its thirteenth week which closed without any eliminations. However, it was expected to see at least one contestant leave the house over the course of the week. Arhaan Khan, Madhurima Tuli and Shefali Bagga were announced as unsafe and the trio shared the possibility of a double eviction too.

However, the elimination process took a while and no conclusive news came out regarding who will get evicted and when. However, The News Crunch breaks the information ahead of the rest about the eviction of Arhaan Khan from the Bigg Boss 13 house.

End of the Road for Arhaan Khan in Bigg Boss 13?

Arhaan Khan failed to make the most of his precious opportunity to return to the Bigg Boss 13 house. Arhaan was expected to show a different avatar to the audience after his return but he remained drowned in a soup of controversies and hence, failed to create a positive image.

Arhaan Khan has created a lot of controversy inside and outside Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan himself had opened up Arhaan Khan’s secret on national television saying that, he is married and also the father of a child. Hearing this, the land had slipped under the feet of Rashami Desai. Apart from this, Arhaan Khan has told many lies. He even refused to recognize his ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa and said that there was no such relationship between them. Amrita Dohna was very angry after hearing this.

However, it is also interesting to see the aftermath of Arhaan’s exit outside Bigg Boss 13. Arhaan is caught in a lot of controversies including the threat of his ex-girlfriend who is likely to file charges against him.

Arhaan failed to grace Bigg Boss 13 as an opportunity to catapult his career to greater heights.

Arhaan’s eviction was confirmed once he was spotted by some paparazzi outside the Bigg Boss 13 house.

Do you think Arhaan Khan deserved to be evicted? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Arhaan Khan ” bali la Bakra” .I watched all shows of BB but unfortunately never never so much mud slinging happened .Rashmi over night became ” Desh ki Beti ” Jise Arhaan BB ki diwar phand kar bhaga le jata aur use Barbad kar deta .
    Very disgusting , partial Show .No rules of eviction .Its all run of few people whims (creative team or channel stake holders )
    There is some wicked reason .
    BB has no right to invite contestants and to interfer in their personal life and make TAMASHA .
    Viewers must raise their voice Today its Arhaan or Asim or Rashmi tomorrow may be someone from your family or friends’ family .
    BB paying money to contestants .Its true .Its also the fact that show makers and channel also earning money through BB show .
    Arhaan maintained cool to the best of capacity in very hostile surrounding and attacks by hosts who were sent in BB .
    Can anyone or Devoleena explain why she did OMG with Rashmi,Shukla and Paras Mahira ?She herself was in relationships and one of his ex boy friend is murder accused .Should this be discussed in BB .Rashmi also has past .
    BB openly targeted Arhaan and Asim for no valid reasons .Others also have unpleasant past .Its none of concern to advice anyone without their consent about their relationship on national TV .
    BB made TAMASHA of Arhaan m Rashmi .Rashmi is established actor so she may n will get support again but BB tried best to ruin Arhaan ‘ s image in the country .
    Arhaan must sue the show makers .
    Disgusting Salman talks about money and number of flats Rashmi owns .Kamya Punjabi told Arhaan in very insulting way .Its all scripted .
    No new comer should come in BB without assurance that no one will humiliated by BB .Boycott BB .

    • jaago Johriji – Rashmi bhi nikalne vaali hai aane vale week mei, aur uske baad Asim bhi Jammu express mei betha nazar aayega. Aap bigb boss ke host, dost aur producers per kyu chilla rahi hai kya Arhaan aur Asim ne loan de rakhi hai aapko

  2. Hi Vineeta – I am not exactly sure what version of BB 13 you are watching because your perception seems to mild towards people like Aarhan and Asim Riaz. They never got targeted by the show makers but it is their faith and karma that has given them one slap after another, talking about Aarhan would you be happy if your sister or daughter knowingly gets indulged with a person who is full of mysteries in his life, truth is the essential ingredient for any relationship and when your relationship is based on lies then what can you call that person – a conman indeed !!

  3. I think that Saket is absolutely right on what he said, and to add more – Asim, Rashmi and Arhan only knew that they can sustain themselves on this show only if they can target Siddharth Shukla, but when you cross limits of whining and nagging then it falls all abruptly on you, and this is what has exactly happened with these ‘3 teegdis’. Asim on one stage was moving neck-to-neck with Shukla as far voting is concerned but since he is showing his real face out of the mask of being an obedient ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ pupil after being slammed by Salman Khan for instigating Rashmi and Aarhan on fueling the tussle between Shukla and Rashmi, it is evident that he is losing his track and so he is losing the faith of millions who trusted his initial instincts. People are not biased with either Asim or Aarhan but it is their actions that they think was a reaction to brawls taking place in the BB house that have toppled them from where they could have been in a little fair position.

  4. Rashmi could have bettered her tainted image from the scars from a short-lived marriage, and could have gotten some respect and dignity from viewers but instead she went on blurring her image more by targeting Shukla on National Television, and that too without any concrete base to allege Shukla on being dishonest or whatever terms she has used on this show for him. Shukla plays smartly by not getting intimidated and responding her in the style she suits, she has pushed Shukla to the corner where he has no option but to speak his side of story and let people know who is who – kaun girlcard use karta hai aur kissey victim card issue hona chahiye – Viewers are not morons who would think that whatever Rashmi wants to show is the truth because she has come out more ugly now in eyes of viewers – hope the soap directors and producers are also watching this show, because if they need a ‘naagin’ next time – they have got her right on this BB house πŸ™‚ but here also Rashmi will say ‘ arey mei naagin mei kaam nahi karungi – yeh toh Shukla ki GF Jasmine ka option mila hai mujhe πŸ™‚

  5. To me, whenever I saw Aarhan on Bigg Boss 13 it reminded me of the famous comedian Razak Khan aka Munna hatella. But to be honest, Arhan cannot even fit in the shoes if this great comedian who passed away 3 years back. It is people like Razak Khan whom we remember as a result of of the void we face today in Hindi comedy sequences, but there shall be no void whatsoever if people like Arhan Khan get sacked out of the show, reason being you get two charitable chances from Bigg Boss makers, the very person some ignorant people like Vaneeta try siding with. Arhan was a sheer disgrace on this show, who claimed to have come because of his so-called girl friend Rashmi but sins that he committed outside this house came running after him and he became the eventual verdict of all the malicious things he carried in his life, Host Salman Khan warned Rashmi to better chose what is wrong and what is right for her, but seems that this ‘Bhaang sucking couple’ did not follow what was said to them and they made BB 13 a boring love story for poor viewers whom while watching these two would add more snaring words to their dictionary of anger and outrage !!

  6. Thoda time aur dekhta iss jingoor ko toh mai apna tv todd deta sach mei πŸ™‚ Accha kiyela Big boss ne iss kekde ko ghar se nikaalke

  7. I was watching Animal Planet channel and trust me, it reminded me of Arhan πŸ™‚ he should be here his mates are missing him – ain’t you Asim aka chimp πŸ™‚


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