Bigg Boss 13 Breaking News: Real Reason Why Paras Chabbra Left the Bigg Boss House Revealed! Is Bigg Boss Biased?

paras chhabra wig

Paras Chhabra’s finger was badly injured during the transport task. In the absence of rest, doctors have advised surgery to Paras Chhabra. After his surgery, Paras Chhabra is all set to appear on the show. Like Paras, Devoleena Bhattacharjee will also be a part of the show after recovering from her injury. In such a situation, tell us how excited you are to see Paras Chhabra on the show once again.

However, the real reason for Paras’ exit from the Bigg Boss house seems to be something else.

Paras’ hair patch was displaced during one of the tasks in Bigg Boss 13. As reported earlier, Paras is naturally bald and has an artificial hair transplant patch on his head. On the pretext of his finger injury, Bigg Boss took the opportunity to send Paras out of the house so that he can fix his hair patch.

It was evident that Paras’ hair patch was an issue as Paras always sported a skull cap ever since his hair patch was pulled in Bigg Boss 13.

Reports of Bigg Boss being thoroughly biased is creeping up as Paras’ elimination nominated was revoked due to his exit. Injuries are becoming common in Bigg Boss 13. Devoleena was sent out with a severe back injury and is expected to be back in ten days. However, the latest injuries are for Asim Riaz who had a muscle pull and Rashami Desai who got a hairline fracture on her finger.

It is high time that Bigg Boss takes steps to reduce physical aggression in the house. Is Bigg Boss biased? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Yes not only big boss but Salman Khan is also very BIASED
    I am Komal from Canada and a close follower of big boss. I hated watching last weekend is vaar which started from pasta and ended on pasta. Like seriously??????? There were nothing to discuss about ????? R v waiting for whole week watching and listing this from Salman?
    Paras shown so much arrogance and Boasted a lot for his so called status. He thrown cheap comments on Asim for his cheap perfume, shoes and on his career. Apart from that, Himanshi lost her captaincy because most of the housemates biocoted her and intentionally violated the rules.

    Now come on the big boss, last week Paras and Mahira most irritating ppl in the house were nominated and were at bottom in voting. They were escaped because Devo is going out for treatment. Let me clear here Devo were not eliminated nor evicted as stated by them and she is about to return to the show than y Paras and mahira were not evicted ?
    Now when he is eliminated with other house mates he is again saved while saying that he is going out for treatment. Big boss could have waited till 3 days more ? Cos he is not hurt a day before it’s been a long time of transportation task?

  2. Ofcourse, Biased????????. Why else shukla is taking advantage of the show n a brute like paras is not eliminated being in bottom always. We r wastng our time in voting. But i will vote for Asim

  3. As Himanshi said mahira ko dirf do bathin atin hain mahira don’t have a back bone know so she is fighting with small things for footage

  4. MAHIRA and PARAS are the most irritating element of BIGG BOSS 13. Kindly throw them out of the show. And SIDDHARTH SHUKLA is the worst man ever i’ve seen being the oldest of the show.

  5. Biased biased … BB lost all the respect. That stupid Sid pushed asim and gets nominated ? That’s it. I am done with this show. Too much aggressiveness .. too much negativity .. no repercussions by BB and that’s why everyone is using physical violence.. sick and tired of BB supporting paras’s and sids actions…
    Everytime paras does something to get the tasks “radddd” ..and he does it purposely and big boss does nothing to stop this …
    Not going to watch another episode. I am done.

    • So v true!!!they have nothing to tell paras,mahira,shehnaz gill creating fights and rifts….asim has always respected women in the house, though shahnaz was always bad to him but he couldn’t see her in pain.

    • Its all fixed if not biased. Big boss do things on purpose and also to keep paras and mahira in to increase TRP no matter if they get less vote.. what is the purpose of voting why not big boss decide on its on every week who to keep and who not…

  6. Agreed bigg boss is aggressive this time but is it only for Shukla some one from Canada says Asim should be applauded others feel he should be winner are u serious guys do you even have basic sense to say that .He is a disappointment who knows how to climb on others back and then back stab them provoke them …Rashmi seriously disgusting I think the only two people who know the game and who can play are paras and Siddharth …problem is dumb people watch it also and if people have achievment they will be proud of that .only empty vessel s bark like asim.does .he was only good till the time he backed Shukla and I think paras and Mahira have a good relationship …if they are irritating so are the others

  7. Bigg boss bht galat kr rhe h, paras is week evicted hota agar uske surgery ka jutha bahane se Bigg boss uske ghar se jane na deta, ab is week paras ki jgh koi aur evict hoga jo paras se bht jada deserve krte h Bigg boss m rehna

  8. Mahira and PARAS are the most irritating element of BIGG BOSS 13. Kindly throw them out of the show. And SIDDHARTH SHUKLA is the worst man ever i’ve seen being the oldest of the show.

  9. Oh yes, this is a very irrelevant question. It is so clear that Bigg Boss is super biased. Looks like Bigg Boss is running short of TRP & is living completely in Shukla’s existence. Look at the amount of bullshit that BB has compromised on. This has led to a downfall of norms & the show is growing on 0 ethics.
    Paras & Mahira seem to be enjoying at everyone else’s cost. The 2 most shameless personalities in the house.
    BB doest need voting to decide who stays & who goes out. Coz BB will anyways kp this crappy contestants on the house no matter wat.

    God knows how has this season become the most popular season. Like Salman also says, it is truly the worst seasons so far.

  10. Yeah it’s total bull s***. BB is so biased it’s unbelievable and making the show an absolute joke. If they want certain people to win (shukla, paras, shehnaz, or mahira then end the show and cut the crap. Paras and Mahira were in bottom 2 and one was to be evicted instead BB decides to save Paras when he had least votes. Now they send Shukla to secret house to joking with Paras and give them privilege of listening to everyone. It’s totally messed up! I’m stopping watching to be fair as it’s taking the nick out of the audience!!! All fake and fixed!!!


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