Bigg Boss 13: Bipasha Basu Voices Her Support For Arti Singh, Blasts People Mocking Her Anxiety and Mental Health Issues!


Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu Grover posted in support of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh. Arti Singh is the sister of popular comedian and has been at the receiving end of trolls and memes related to her recent emotional breakdown. Also, Arti Singh spoke openly about mental health on the biggest reality show of India, Bigg Boss 13.

However, Arti Singh was subjected to mockery and ignored inside the house which hurt her more.

Following this, a lot of celebrities including Krushna Singh and Bipasha Basu supported Arti Singh and spoke in favor of her decision to speak out about mental health.

Bipasha’s comment read, “It’s sad that in our country so many educated people have a lack of awareness on mental health. You can’t stop living your life if you have some issues. You need to be brave and face them and that is exactly what Arti Singh is doing. Anyone in the house or outside who is making a joke or mockery out of this is insensitive. In today’s day and age, this topic cannot be taboo.”

“Support is what people need to overcome this. Finally, it’s one’s own battle. Please, we should be human and kind to all”, said Bipasha Basu.

As a result, Twitter and other social media sites are trending in favor of Arti Singh. Hashtags like #wesupportartisingh and #standbyartisingh are trending on Twitter.


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