Bigg Boss 13 Asim Riaz’s rumoured girlfriend Shruti Tuli has reacted on the allegation, said “Our relationship is more than dating”

asim riaz shruti tuli

Ever since Bigg Boss 13, Asim Riaz has announced to everyone that he wants to marry Himanshi Khurana. That is why the eyes of all people are focused on him only. That is why everyone is talking about the love story of Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz. Meanwhile, it has now been revealed that before the arrival of Himanshi Khurana Khurana, there was another Hasina in the life of Asim Riaz. Here we are talking about the ex-girlfriend of Asim Riaz (Shruti Tuli), who was also mentioned in a tongue-in-cheek Salman Khan.

Salman Khan was seen questioning Asim Riaz at the weekend after seeing the way Asim Riaz is torturing Himanshi Khurana at home. During this, Salman Khan also accused Asim Riaz that, he has not even told Himanshi Khurana about the relationship of Shruti Tuli.

Now, even though Asim Riaz is refraining from talking about himself and Shruti Tuli on National TV, Shruti Tuli himself has openly spoken about it. Recently, in a special conversation with Spot Boy, Shruti Tuli spoke about Asim Riaz and their relationship, we both know each other very well because of modeling in the company. . I don’t understand why everyone is talking about me and Asim Riaz.

Further Shruti said, our relationship started 6 months ago. It does not mean that we are still together. I agree that the relationship between us was more than friendship, but even after this, both of us never dated each other.

Not only this, Shruti Tuli has also talked about actress Sonal Vengurlekar who has recently revealed that Asim Riaz and Shruti Tuli have lived in a live-in relationship. Shruti Tuli told that, I do not know why she has spread the rumor about me and Asim Riaz that both of us have been in live in relationship. This is wrong. It is clear from Shruti Tuli’s statement that Asim Riaz and he have not been in live in. However, please comment on this issue.


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