Bigg Boss 13 Arhaan Khan’s brother Arif is against the marriage with Rashami Desai

rashami desai arhaan khan

Ever since the news has come, Rashami Desai is going to get married in Bigg Boss 13 house Big Boss fans are very happy. In our previous report, we had informed you that, the makers want to get Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan married. For this marriage, the makers have also given 2 weeks time to Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai. That matter is different, so far it is not known what the decision of Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan is going to be. Right now the makers are waiting for the decision of these two.

Meanwhile, there is a news in our hands that Rashami Desai’s fans are going to get a big shock after hearing this. We are saying this because, before the marriage of this Hasina of TV, these two appears to be very happy. Actually, after the news of Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan’s wedding came to light, Arhaan Khan’s family has objected to this relationship. Yes, you heard it right…. Arhaan Khan’s family does not want to make Rashami Desai her daughter-in-law.

This is revealed by Arhaan Khan’s brother Arif himself. During the conversation with Spot Boy, Arif said, it is just a rumor that Arhaan is going to marry Rashami Desai in Bigg Boss.

Talking further, Arif said, “Our daughter-in-law, daughters do not get married on TV.” In such a situation, we will not adopt this marriage. Marriage is done in front of family and society. Not on National Tv. We do not want these two to get married on TV.

Talking about Arhaan’s past too, Arif said that, Arhaan never hid anything from Rashami. He has a past just like everyone else. Arhaan was afraid to talk about his past.

On the other hand, about the financial condition of Rashami Desai, Arif said that, Arhaan has supported Rashami Desai all the time. I am happy to hear that Rashami did not call Arhaan’s statement a lie. By the way, Arhaan Khan’s brother’s statement is so clear that if Arhaan marries Rashami in Bigg Boss 13, then he will have to face the family’s displeasure. However, how excited are you to see this TV couple’s wedding, please comment by commenting.



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