Bigg Boss 13 Arhaan Khan evicted in this Weekend Ka Vaar 29th Dec, Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli in danger zone

bigg boss 13 weekend ka vaar triple eviction

There is a shocking twist to Bigg Boss 13 weekend ka vaar Sunday 29th December 2019. It was initially announced that Arhaan Khan is evicted but now there are news that along with him there are two more evictions which means it’s a triple eviction scenario. This week’s weekend war in Bigg Boss 13 is going to be very rude. After a fierce fight between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz at home last day, Rohit Shetty’s entry has put a break on the dirty fight between them. But now the time has come for elimination. According to the latest reports that emerged, Arhaan Khan’s card has been eliminated from home this week. But there are chances that two more contestants will be evicted this week. For this reason, besides Arhan Khan, the sword of danger hangs over the heads of these two contestants.

According to the report of ‘Bigg Boss Khabri’, giving information related to Bigg Boss, Arhaan Khan has been eliminated. While Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli are also in danger. Although their name has not been confirmed yet, but maybe one of them will have to look out of the way. So there are full chances of double elimination this week.

The elimination round was canceled last week. In such a situation, there will definitely be elimination this week. That is why makers can also get double or triple elimination. As far as the matter of Arhan Khan is concerned, he was walking in the bottom of many voting trends. In such a situation, he is confirmed to be evicted this week. But before Arhaan Khan’s elimination, Salman Khan is going to give a grand party to all the family members. He will give a grand party at home after his birthday. The makers have also made special arrangements for this. By the way, do you think that Arhaan Khan’s elimination is quite right? Please tell us your opinion in the comment section.


  1. Arhan, if eliminated, played dangerous in the company of Rashmi and the duo had been busy only in instigating their group people particular Asim and Vishal to poke Siddharth and then create a scene. Behind such scenes, the duo had been active. By Arhan’s elimination, the house will witness a little ‘shanti’

  2. Arhan should have been evicted long ago. He looks like he comes from the slums and has a very cunning
    and dangerous look. He should have been evicted the moment he threatened to throw acid on the face of
    Siddharth Shukla. He is a pawn and a tool in the hands of Rashmi Desai who only spews venom and hatred about Siddharth Shukla. I wonder how Big Boss 13 permitted this show of vulgar abuse to be displayed to the
    public. She too does not deserve to be on the show. Desperation to be seen on the TV had made the contestants stoop to such low levels it is not befitting for the public to see. It sends wrong messages. Another
    master mind for instigation and adding fuel to fire is Asim who thinks he is throwing rocks on the streets of
    Srinagar alongwith the other terrorists. His behaviour is dispicable and unworthy of being on the show.

    • Absolutely right. That nalla arhan should be out and his takli secondhand so called girlfriend chachmi should also be thrown out asap. Ab bahar Jake ghar ghar khelo we are not at all interested to see their drama. And then that one more stupid & irritating couple vishal and padurima should be also thrown out asap. All these are good for nothing people.

    • Best news n might be most people will be happy to see him out of the house … then pata chalega Rashami Desai kitni paani mein hai .. Ramlal Arhaan Jake Rashami Malkeen ka ghar saaf kar madam arahe hai piche .. both are worst n disgusting contestants that’s y they are made each other

  3. Even asim is so irritating and has a childish & immature behaviour. So bloody grown up he us and behaves like a teenager. Short-tempered and very very provocating. Yaar please give us a break from him too. Too ugly to see his face while shouting & fighting. Seems like his parents has not reached him anything. So very disgusting to watch him live. Feels like to break the television set when we see him. But I think he will be there in the top 5. But 100% sure will never win this season & that’s a guarantee. Watch it.

  4. What a silly question to ask if he did not get votes that means the viewers don’t want him in the show – so very fair he is out.

  5. Let that Madhurima and vishal be thrown along with Arhaan. These guys have no contribution in the show and shown just irritating. Arhaan hides under the pallu of Reshami and Vishaal and Madhu got no equation.

  6. Very much over due, that a person of Arhaan/ Mazhar ‘s stature has been evicted.I fail to understand on what basis was Arhaan taken in as a contestant..??!! Another joker Vishal…!!! What background do such contestants have..?!!
    Why cant the bigg boss take ordinary but educated people in the show..but not the jobless and ugly looking jokers like above two.

  7. Oh my God! arhaan evicted? Am on my knees praying and thanking My God Almighty. arhaan’s said he would pour acid on Shukla’s face! I can’t bear to look at his -caravan robber’s face- To be honest rashami , asim are so wild and don’t fit to be in BB. they are mean , ugly , jealous and are not good examples to young Hindustani worldwide. rashami, arhaan, asim must be chucked out of BB ASAP. They are dead boring to watch and none of has any charisma for one to be glued on TV and watching them. Shukla is BB 13 Boss. Without Shukla BB is dead on its track. Long live beloved Siddharth.

    • Siddharth shukla is a very irritating and a shit man. He uses abusive languages to everyone except shehnaaz.sometimes he does not understand her feelings too. Just because he is good looking he cannot be a good human being . I don’t know whether you are a girl or a boy ,but if u are a girl then I must say that how can u support sid? Think of rashmi’s feelings. Siddharth should be kicked out of the house. He has never got a perfect girlfriend because of his abusive language. Even shefali jariwala also told in the first day of bigg boss that she used to date him but left him because of his abusive words. So rashmi also left her. No one will stay with him until he behaves himself

  8. Sure.Arhan should kick out.Arhan here only to serve Rashmi in bb house.His indisual personality nothing if you minus Rashmi.

  9. Arhaan Has cheated Rashmi n some women before he entered the big boss house. He also threatened Sid of acid attack. He is Rashmis slave. Wonder what his wife goes through living with him. He is a disgrace to his family. Glad he is evicted.

  10. Good riddance to arhaan kuwa biryani ugly mother fucker. He should be chucked out ages ago along with flushme and asim maha pudu. Worst contestants ever in big Boss.

  11. Arhaan looked useless from day 1. Infact Rashmi too should be thrown out along with lukkha Arhaan. They suit each other…since both appear fake & disgusting. Rashmi knew everything about Arhaan and was just acting when Salman revieled facts.

  12. Arhaan khan should not be evicted as he has got lots of support and vote. According to the voting patterns even if there is triple eviction this week then bottom three are Madhurima, shefali Bagga and Arti Singh should be evicted not Arhan.

  13. London fans want Paras out of the way. He is responsible for 90% of the fights and troubles. He clearly told Debolina to stick with Sidharth, if you want to stay in the show and get work, once you are out of the show. That is why Paras Chabra sides Sidharth all the time, even if Sidharth is abusive and rude with the ladies.


  14. Please kick out Rashmi and Asim too.
    Rashmi always unnecessarily talks trash and falsly accuses sidharth.
    Asim only takes advantage an pokes his nose in others business. He has not learnt his lesson.

  15. Arhaan is a piece of shit, Rashmi bhi ek gatar hai aur vishal mausi and Madhurima kaki stupid night contribution and that dumbo Asim gud another garbage in the house.

  16. pleas bigg boss eliminate arhan this week bcs he nominated so many time and get very low voot and then bigg boss delay his elimination bcs of rashmi drama she started roona doona its not fair bcs people give voot to their favorate contestant and it is the insult of their voot so pleas eliminate arhan bcs he is major cuase of fighting in bigg boss house rashmi and shukla

  17. I Think any senior actor or actress should behave as a good human being, as i seen those episode i found majorly Sid shukla in fault. we are indian first and we need to respect women. what the way this guy are shouting on the other contestant then after wrong behaviour other members reacts,, i must say Before arahan shukhla should kick of the house then after arhan, paras, mahera.. so for i see the winner is Shainaz.


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