Bigg Boss 13 Amrita Dhanoa blames her ex boyfriend Arhaan Khan says he is framing her in sex racket case


Bollywood’s straggling actress Amrita Dhanoa came into the news when she denied that she is an ex-girlfriend of Bigg Boss 13’s ex-contestant Arhaan Khan. As long as Arhaan Khan was inside the house, she continued to accuse him. Arhaan Khan was also heavily criticised on national television due to allegations of Amrita Dhanoa. It was heard that Arhaan Khan had borrowed Rs 5 lakh from Amrita Dhanoa, which he has not returned till date. Because of this, Amrita had decided to get him arrested. However things turned back and Amrita Dhanoa was arrested by the police herself last night. According to Spotboye’s report, the Mumbai police arrested Amrita Dhanoa and Richa Singh from a 5-star hotel. It is being told that she is accused of running a sex racket.

However, Amrita Dhanoa has something else to say on this whole issue. He has accused his ex-boyfriend Arhaan Khan of trapping him. According to Amrita Dhanoa, ‘I am being framed. This red plant was already there and I know Arhaan has done it all. The police has misjudged the situation. We were having a normal party and I even tried to tell them.

When Amrita Dhanoa was asked if he was arrested, he said, ‘No, we showed all the proofs and the police trusted our point. And who is Richa Singh? There was no Richa Singh there. ‘ Let us tell you that while Amrita Dhanuah is claiming that she was not arrested by the police, Spotboy claimed that she was present in the police station.

A few days ago, Amrita Dhanoa told Spotboye the truth of Arhaan Khan and said, ‘Arhaan Khan is a big liar. He is telling lies about himself to everyone. His real name is Mazhar Sheikh. Me and he were in live-in relations and he lived in my house. However, later I threw him out of my house because he was a fraud.



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