Bigg Boss 13 Akanksha Puri exposes Paras Chhabra and his bank balance, read details

paras chhabra

The situation in the house of Bigg Boss 13 is such that here the mind of the good good wanders. Talking about Paras Chhabra, almost everyone is assuming that he understands the game very well and is handling every situation very well. Well, to talk about his love life, on the one hand he is dating actress Akanksha Puri outside the house, while at the same time, his closeness with Mahira Sharma is seen increasing in the house.

In such a situation, it is a matter of thinking that in the mind of Paras Chhabra, not even once does it come to know what situation his girlfriend will be going through. A few days ago Akanksha Puri had openly stated that the way Paras Chhabra comes close to Mahira, he is not interested at all. In such a situation, whenever she encounters Paras, she is going to ask him a lot of questions.

Once again, Akanksha has expressed her anger at Paras. Akanksha says that ‘She is dependent on me for many things … Zero Balance … Both of her shows are closed … So I know how much she has struggled. I supported him a lot but after one point I feel what is happening… I am more happy alone. I have never seen her personality before. I can’t live with such a person. ‘

Well, it looks like Akanksha talks that she is in a mood to breakup with Paras. In such a situation, when Akanksha encounters Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras, how will he put forth his words.

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    1. Please bring some discipline in the show. All we see are FIGHTS and all of them victimize one person. sid, we see contestants in Jodi and each one fights for the other and the 2 gang up and keep shouting for no reasons. What nonsense is this. Send messages of peace through your show not violence.

    2. Sidharth and Paras should be both thrown out of Bigg Boss 13. They are abusive, rude and spreading negativity in a family show. We viewers in London are finding it difficult to sit with the family and watch the show.
      Please could some sense prevail on Sid and Paras.

    3. Vindu Dara Singh and Manu Punjabi should keep their favourable comments for Sidharth to themselves and not encourage rude and abusive contestants to be a part of a family show BIGG BOSS 13.

    4. Shukla is gone mad send him to mental hospital for treatment. He doesn’t know how and what to speak. Vikas Gupta is a big chamcha trying to make his own good. Paras to ab Shukla Ka dalla ban gaya hai. Jo Shukla bola Woh right paras Ka khud Ka kya sirf Woh nagin se chipka chipki aur kya. Salman ko to bas note banana hai Sahi galat ko bhul jao. Arey band Kar do Show. Pura society kharab Kar denge Shukla Gupta paras mahira Jaise log. Unko aurto ki izzat family ki respect nahi pata saale aawara logo ko. Bhagao inko.

      • Rasmi desai was playing well when Arhan was absent in the house. Rasmi desai has gone mad. Request to big boss to admit in mental hospital. Rasmi desai contribution to show nothing only her existence for shukla. Arhan contribution is zero only protect to desai. Jai ho big boss

    5. Pata nahi koi larki useless paras kay sath kasay rahti ho ge mujhey tu iss ke shakal se bhi nafrat hai “takla kahi ka”. Larkiyon ko tissue ke tarhan use karta hai jasey puri dunya ka handsome banda ho.

    6. paras and mahira zero at night miss house.they both have nod good behavior with shahnaj but shahnaj is very nice to every one even sidh is not a good this her .she doesn’t use any one at house .sidh Has to understand heand stop behave like this its totally bad .shnaj is very innocent .

    7. pars number one fukra.????????????and mahira u are nothing without paras .paras ki vjh se tum show me ab tk ho otherwise kab ki out ho gi hoti.

    8. Paras aur Mahira ko Bog Boss ne bachaya hai elimination se. They both had the least votes and Big Boss took Paras out of the house for “INJURY” and then gave him and sidharth power to save someone from elimination so they saved Mahira. And then send them back in home. Sab game hai. Public votes dont count. This show is bias and only one sided, Bog Boss only support Sidharth and Paras. Fail Show

    9. Siddharth Shukla is a disgrace and the worst example of a man and a human being. He is nothing but a big bully and both him and Bigg boss are promoting bullying and making it seem like it’s a good thing. Bigg boss are always defending and saving sidhart Shukla making making him get away with everything. If he wins it will definitely send out all the wrong messages and it will give the youth and people the thought that being a bully and a bad person is the right path because it leads you to success. Sidhart Shukla and Bigg boss are already sending out wrong messages when they have the perfect platform to promote positive things and make awarenesses, they could have sent out good messages rather than show that violence is the best way to go forward. They’re showing violence and making it seem like it’s a good thing. Sidhart Shukla is the type of men that disrespects women and everyone, he is the type of men responsible for women not having a voice, the way he treats women like dirt is shameful and it makes one think about his upbringings. He must have been abused as a kid or his upbringing wasn’t so great. I feel bad for his mom and sisters. He is the type of men that think so low of women and only take women for a ride for only one thing. Sidhart Shukla is the type of man that are responsible for somany corruption and rapes and metoos..

    10. As a U.K. viewer it doesn’t matter how much biased salman is or the actual show is viewers are not blind we can see from right and wrong,sidharth should of been out ages ago along with paras who has been targeting Asim from day one and swearing at his family and nothing has been said to him by the show or “salman” the show doesn’t need you salman your the most biased person I have come across it’s disgusting to see you have never supported Asim or even what rashmi went through where is your pride salman would you let anyone speak to your sister like that or swear at them to be honest I think Farah would have done a better job than you at least she had a go at shenaz something what you should be doing there’s four bullies in that house sid,paras,mahira and sana and it’s so uncomfortable to watch when they are bullying and nothing has been said to them disgraceful (Asim to Win)


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