Bigg Boss 13 Akanksha Puri claims Asim Riaz wore his boyfriend Paras Chhabra’s jacket, then brother Umar Riaz reacted


Viewers are enjoying the dramas going on in Bigg Boss 13, but there are no less plays outside the house too. Something similar has been seen again. Actually, the tussle between Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz inside the house is not new. Both have been aiming at each other since the beginning of the show and do not leave any chance to degrade. In such a situation, now Paras Chhabra’s girlfriend Aansha Puri tried to take on Aseem Riyaz. But Asim’s brother Omar Riaz gave such a reply to Akansha Puri that he stopped speaking.


In fact, Akansha targeted him with a jacket of Asim Riyaz in the show. According to Aakansha, wearing a jacket given by Paras, Asim is abusing him. While he should be thankful to Paras. After which Akansha expressed concern over Paras. In this tweet, Akansha also tagged Asim’s brother Omar.

Seeing this tweet of Akansha, Umar got very angry. After which he made several tweets one after the other. Opening the claims of Akansha, Umar said that she should first check his facts. His brother is outside the house to send clothes to Aseem. He has not worn the clothes given by Paras. Rather, Asim is wearing a jacket, he has sent it himself. Which was given by his designer. Along with this, Umar has also shared a video. In which many other jackets are seen with that jacket. With this, Umar said that Asim does not need to take clothes from a poor person like Paras.

Omar also shared a video

Let us tell you that Paras Chhabra has also been seen several times in the fight between Asim and Siddharth in Bigg Boss house. Where they both accuse each other of abusing them.



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