Bigg Boss 13 after eviction Arhaan Khan will go to jail? Ex girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa want to sue him


Arhaan Khan has created a lot of controversy inside and outside Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan himself had opened up Arhaan Khan’s secret on national television saying that, he is married and also the father of a child. Hearing this, the land had slipped under the feet of Rashami Desai. Apart from this, Arhaan Khan has told many lies. He even refused to recognize his ex-girlfriend Amrita Dohna and said that there was no such relationship between them. Amrita Dohna was very angry after hearing this.

On this talk of Arhaan Khan, Amrita Dhanoa had said that, she has proof against him. Along with this, Amrita had also revealed that, Arhaan has also borrowed several lakh rupees from her and until now Arhaan Khan also denied this point and any allegations raised by her.

In such a situation, Amrita Dohna became very angry and she even talked about taking action against Arhaan Khan. Looks like Amrita Dohna is going to take action against him for real and that is why she has made full preparations to send Arhaan Khan to jail.

Yes, you heard it right…. According to a recent report by Spot Boy, Arhan Khan is scheduled to be out of Bigg Boss house this week. In such a situation, Amrita has filed a report against Arhan Khan so that, she can send Arhan to jail. Talking about this, Amrita Dohna said, I will not leave Arhaan Khan. He will have to answer all my questions. He will have to give back all my rupees. I have written a police complaint against him. Right now he is in Bigg Boss house, so action will be taken as soon as he comes out.

It is also being said that, Arhaan Khan will come out of Bigg Boss house by this morning or afternoon. After which the police will take Arhaan Khan to jail. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that Arhaan Khan is going to get out of one problem and get into another. However, please comment your opinion on this issue.



  1. He should go to jail cheater he is and has a cheater partner Rashmi also made for each other …now Asim also in the gang cheater gang

  2. Without lady permission man can’t do any thing 2nd thing why she give money to Arhaan ?3rd thing why she living with Arhaan without marriage ?Not only Arhaan these ladies are also criminal..


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