Bigg Boss 13 7th November 2019 Update – Rashami and Devoleena entering the house today, photos leaked

devoleena rashami re-entry bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 week 6 is middled with controversies with the entry of wild card contestants like Himanshi Khurana, Sana has lost her mind and behaving differently. While Arhaan khan is targeting Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. Yesterday Bigg Boss penalised Sidharth Shukla with two weeks eviction nomination for pushing Mahira which appears to be staged by Mahira and Paras.

Now another blow for Team Asim as Rashami and Devoleena are entering the house today 7th November 2019. Promo videos of them entering the house will be aired shortly while photos of them inside the house were leaked. If you’re a Sidharth or Asim fan you will not be happy with this news. However in the meantime Rashami and Devoleena will know exactly what is happening outside and whom people are supporting. This would be a chance for them to change their game-plan and support the right person.

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  1. siddharth shukla is targetting womens.not others. he should not deserve to be in national television because of trp he is spared.his punishment is nothing no justice.rashmi and devolena are back a very good news

    • Yeah yeah yeah. Always play the “woman” card. Turn a blind eye to the fingering and provocation that these particular set of “women” do to Shukla. If you provoke an animal, it will hit back. Shukla is a human and his reaction to such “women” is very very valid. Would these so called “women” dare to do this outside the house. They won’t as they know they will get a tight slap. Here they know in the house that no one can get physical. That’s why they dare to do this. Do everything first and then conveniently play the “woman” card. Such “women” are a disgrace to us women folk.

  2. Bigg Boss has gone crazy. Needs a tight slap for bringing back the two most negative characters of all time. What is the use of the public spending their time and money and voting these two swines out only for the idiot Bigg Boss to bring them back. Does he not value the decision of the public? Why keep voting then if he wants to overturn the public decision and make his/her own stupid decisions. Once kicked out, stay out. If he brought these two swines then being back the other evicted contestants also. Filthy pig Bigg Boss.

  3. Kick that filthy pig Mahira out first followed by these two swines that he just brought back in. Public vote has no value now. Bigg Boss thinks and treats the public as Chutiyas. People should stop voting and stop watching this scripted show. No matter whom you vote out , if he/she is Bigg Boss’s favourite, the idiot Bigg Boss will bring them back to satisfy his sadistic needs.

  4. Interesting. “Potty mouth” and “gutter” are back. Except filth, what more can you expect. High hopes my friend, prepare to be disappointed.

  5. Kick Mahira out of the house. She can’t decide whether women are week or strong. Useless woman playing women card . Siddharth is rocking the show. BB 13 is nothing without Siddharth.

    Big boss should also respect the decision of the public who voted Rashmi Devoleena out. What is the point of first finale. Don’t make any sense. Pls keep them out only. All are just to target Siddharth.

  6. Kyun aye ye dono faltu mein drama karengi aur kuch nahi ata inhe . Bigboss apne ase nahi Karna chaiye tha. ghandhi Soch Ghandhi jaban ase hain donno. Bigboss please inhe wapis bhejdo please.

  7. Siddharth is rocking in BB13.kick out Mahira from the BB house.Respect audience voting decision& keep Rashmi and Debolina out of the house.

  8. The show must go on this is what BB13 management things making entry of the worst dropped down devo n Rashmi Lucifer’s. The scenario looks onwards useless watching.

  9. Worst season of big boss – so boring with Devoleena n Rashmi returning so negative no entertainment only back biting and when they were not there this show was so much fun lively. Sad big boss feels bringing negative people back is entertaining- big boss is losing its class for this show.

  10. Avi sukla ki n uski group ki asliyat samne aagayahe. Usko phokot me hero banayajarahtha. Bcoz of Rashmi n Devo. Sukla is not winning Deserving candidate at all. Usko winner banadiya toh hum bb dekhna chhodenge..usse better Paras deserving he. Kamse Kam wo apni doston n group ki achhi bonding Rakhi he, Jo kuchh bolta he sarcasmly n funnily boltahe, And he has a awesome screen presence n good personality..we admire a lot him..

  11. ?ωє ℓσνє υ ⓢⓘĐ αи∂ Aѕιм…..
    ?ωє ѕυρρσят υ αи∂ νσтє fσя υ them…
    ?ⓟⓛⓩ ⓥⓞⓣⓔ ⓕⓞⓡ ⓣⓗⓔⓜ


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