Bigg Boss 13 2nd January 2020 – Mahira Sharma and Rashami Desai catfight during luxury budget task, watch promo


One of the controversial shows of the TV world, Bigg Boss 13, is getting interesting turns on the day. In the past, where there was a tussle between Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla in the house, Rashami Desai along with Asim Riaz was seen plotting to plan ahead in the game.

At the end of the last episode, the makers also gave a glimpse of today’s episode, according to which there is going to be a fierce battle between the contestants in the house today. Actually, to win the luxury budget task, the householders are not going to leave any stone unturned to defeat each other. It is clear from the promos that have surfaced that tonight is going to be a fight between Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai.

In the promo that came out, Rashmi is seen in front of everyone sarcastically making fun of Mahira Sharma. On the other hand, Mahira is also not silent but instead she is seen to be attacking Rashami’s character and game plan of Rashami Desai.

Mahira is telling Rashami in front of everyone that you are not able to move alone in this game show. First you wanted Paras, then you wanted Arhzan, Now you want unlimited Asim. Rashami Desai is shocked to hear Mahira and she tells her that she will not tell her anything. Not only this, Rashmi immediately falls on Mahira’s feet as well.

Watch below Bigg Boss 13’s latest promo …
Arhaan has been out recently
Rashami’s boyfriend Arhan Khan has recently been shown a way out of Salman Khan’s show due to low votes. In such a situation, it is to be seen that on which contestant the sword of elimination is going to fall. For the time being, let us know in the comment box how eager are you to watch the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13?

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  1. This Rashmi Charaterless girl should out .. Asim is just confused guy, he doesnt know what is BB . He was brought up such a way that he cant adjust in this good enviroment .


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