Bigg Boss 13 28th November 2019 – Asim Riaz gives a passionate kiss on Himanshi Khurana’s neck on her birthday

bigg boss 13 28th november

There is another couple in the house of Bigg Boss 13 who are slowly getting closer to each other. There is something going on between Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana at Bigg Boss house. We have seen its hallmark even in the past episodes. Actually, Asim is genuinely falling for beautiful Himanshi and has also told his Hal-e-Dil in front of Himanshi. The increasing bonding between Asim and Himanshi is getting deeper. Himanshi, who is seen in a different way at home, is also happy to be with Asim Riaz.

Now his romantic love story is going to go one step further in the upcoming episodes. Makers in the past night promo also gave this hint. Asim Riyaz is going to hug her tightly to make Himanshi Khurana’s birthday even more special in the upcoming episode. Not only this, after this Asim will give a very romantic kiss on Himanshi’s neck. All this is going to happen in front of Rashmi Desai’s eyes with her in the kitchen. After this, he is going to make Paratha with heart shape for Aseem Himanshi. Seeing whom Himanshi Khurana is not going to be happy. What better gift for Himanshi Khurana’s birthday present? Right now this promo is going viral on social media. Asim’s feelings are growing for Himanshi and he will try to make her feel special throughout. He will make a heart-shape paratha for Himanshi and hugs her asking who will give her so many hugs. He also kisses her on her neck. Himanshi looks happy and kisses him back.

Aseem Riyaz will wish such Himanshi Khurana a birthday
By the way, soon after this, the housemates are about to fight in the house once again. Actually, the makers will also plan a luxury task in the upcoming episode. This luxury task is going to be tightly fought between the two teams. During this time, Shefali Zariwala and Paras Chhabra are going to be confronted once again and the two will fiercely fight. But in the meantime, Asim will not support his best friend Shefali in this fight.


  1. Rashmi : Graceful Lady
    Debo : Entertainer
    Shefali : Graceful Lady
    Hemanshi : Graceful Lady
    Aarti : Good Friend with no Self Respect
    Asim : Confused
    Sidhart Shukla : Dumb and Dirty
    Shahnaaz Gill : Cheap, spoiling name of Katrina
    Paras : Double Dholki
    Mahira : Female Crow
    Bhau : Bakwaas
    Vishaal : Chupi hoi Aurat

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