Bigg Boss 13 24 Dec 2019 – Rashami Desai’s evil plan against Sidharth Shukla revealed, read details

arhaan khan to propose rashami with a ring

It seems that the fight between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai is not going to end soon. The show’s host Salman Khan himself was stunned by the turn taken by the fight of Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla over the last three-four days. Well, Salman made his point during the weekend ka vaar and requested Siddharth and Rashmi to settle their fight. While Siddharth was seen raging at the house of Bigg Boss 13 last night about the action of Arhaan Khan, Rashami Desai was seen conspiring against him.

Actually Rashami first said in front of Arhaan and Asim Riaz that the only way to provoke Siddharth is to trigger him. On hearing Rashmi’s words, Asim shakes her yes and Rashami Desai takes a breather that Asim is his side. Soon after, Rashmi also feeds Vishal Aditya Singh and provokes him to fight Siddharth Shukla. During this, there is a fight between Rashmi and Vishal but in front of her, Rashmi says that this time there should be a main to main fight.

Does Rashami want to proceed only on the strength of Siddharth?
It is now clear that Rashami does not see anyone other than Sidharth Shukla in this house. That is why every battle of Rashami ends only on Siddharth and starts on Siddhartha itself.

Rashmi Desai’s condition will be bad in nomination task
Rashmi Desai’s condition is going to be bad in the upcoming nomination task. Actually, Shehnaz’s team will try to nominate her together but she will be seen trying to win the game on the strength of Arhaan and Vishal. For the moment, tell us in the comment box that how do you like Rashami Desai’s game plan?



    • Behavior of Sidharth skuka is irritating. He must be chucked out. Sana is fooling everyone by her vulgar actions towards sidhath shula. Send her out as not to pollute the drawing rooms of viewers.

  1. Rashmi suddenly realized that she has to do something in the BB house… she is using abusive language against Siddharth throwing tea at him breaking BB s dare she behave in that filthy manner.She doesn’t deserve to be in the BB House.Rashmi Arhan and Asim should be out of the house so that we get to see much more enjoyable and entertaining things.

  2. Rashmi has some serious mental health issues, she speaks so badly with so much hate. She needs professional help. Who knows what Sidharth has done to awaken the beast in rashmi. Both are mental and have made the show really low class.

  3. Rashmi Desai ugly witch has a Psychiatric Disorder and she definitely needs to see a psychiatrist. Low class slump/gutter behavior and bad language total negative vibe in the house. Screams her lungs out because having support from the Gunda Mawali. Surat jaise Dhobi Ghat se aaya yeh Arhan Khan. Both threatening to harm Sidharth should be charged. Big Boss and Salman Khan must take serious action on both Reshmi and Arhan for using sedicious words and threatening to harm. Mumbai police please charge them both for being a threath.

  4. The most irritating person # Rashami Desai in the BB house..
    She is jealous of Sidd and has a fluctuating mind..she thinks that shedding crocodile tear will be the best option to provoke Sidd and thus win the show but she is completely wrong..afterall she is a mad lady with lack of common sense…
    She should be eliminated from this show as soon as possible…I don’t like to see her face in the BB house..

  5. Rashmi Desai, since you consider yourself bigger than Bigg Boss, why are you still continuing in the show. You seem to be a beauty with no brains, and went ahead and got yourself insulted with your own actions. Learn to take responsibility for whatever has happened in the house to you. You could have avoided everything. Aise ladki that provoked you to no end is because you do not have a good opinion about yourself, and you did fill in the blanks to whatever Sid said with the dirty things that were going on in your mind, and not anybody else. Salman Khan tried to handle the situation well so that you do not look bad and asked you to let it go, but you went on insisting not realizing the consequences to your question, Kaisi ladki. Watch the episode and see for yourself Kaisi ladki.

  6. Bahrain needs a prompt reply on that insane Arhaan regarding the acid on Sid. Big Boss we need an ASAP reply. Sid Bahrain is your support What a stooped lady this insane Rashmi how idiotic she looks when she scrims and opens her mouth like a pig sorry pig you at least is 100% good. Pls. Big boss this is serious we as audience ask you to show her the image she was on screaming mode. Is she totally and mentally sick lady is she gone out of her head or is she took drugs to get this insane strength behavior and points other that they are druggist. If she plays like this will she gain color up or win the game. she tied her luck in shedding crocky tears nothing worked out she tried in mesmerizing with Arhaan no success and finally she decided insane madame don’t expect round of applause for you or sympathy this bitching even God will not forgive you Dumbo Asim your brains are full of cockroaches. What an hygienic colors you showed stooped lady Rashmi Ah-ran, Asim, Vishal. so disgusting.

  7. OMG, Sid is very hypocrite, sarcastic and mannerless man. I don’t understand those people who is for Sid, the hypocrisy of a nation clearly shown in this show.

  8. Rashmi Desai is waste in bb house. Why she is kept there so much negative vibes from her. She is targeting Sid which is not tollerrable for us. Very cheap mentality woman. She is frustrated by SID’S popularity. She has ill mentality. Sid , Sid and Sid is the only reason we watch big boss. We love madly Sid . Sid is sincere and true.

  9. Rashmi is bakwaas not even near to aarti game plan …Rashmi it’s time for u to go and baby sit arhaans kid ….that’s the only thing u can do ….don’t ever bother with Sid again ur not worth it ..


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