Bigg Boss 13 22nd January 2020 – Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma will fight in tonight’s episode, read details

bigg boss 13 22 january 2020

In the beginning of Bigg Boss 13, the friendship of Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma was very colorful. Coming to the finale of the show, the two television actresses do not even want to see each other’s face. Recently there was a debate again between the two. Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma which took place in front of Salman Khan during Weekend ka Vaar. It seems that this fight between Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma is not going to end because in today’s episode, both these two beauties are going to argue fiercely.

The makers of Bigg Boss 13, while showing a glimpse of today’s episode, have informed that there will be a fight between Mahira and Rashmi over the matter of cooking. Salman Khan gave different duties to the family on the weekend war. Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma got the job of making lunch and dinner. In such a situation, due to this duty today, there will be a debate between Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai.

There will be a fierce battle in the nomination process
Today, all the contestants in the house are going to fight against each other during the nomination process. It is clear that today the peace of the house is going to be disturbed again. Tonight, due to Siddharth Shukla, Aarti Singh and Shahnaz Gill are going to see a fight.

Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma fight due to this

A few days ago, Rashmi Desai said that Mahira Sharma has moved forward in this show only with the help of Paras Chhabra. Mahira Sharma has come to terms with this and she does not like the fact that Rashmi Desai says this with her. Due to this reason also, there was a fight on the weekend war between Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai. At the moment, tell in the comment box that according to you, which game planning do you like the most among Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma?




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