Bigg Boss 13 21st January 2020 – Rashami Desai and Arti Singh to sacrifice their eyebrows and hair for elite club task

bigg boss 13 21 jan 2020

As the finale of Bigg Boss 13 gets closer, people are becoming even more interested in it. Recently, Asim Riaz had gained more points than other contestants through Comedy Club. After this, Hina Khan also announced his name as the first member of the Elite Club. Well now it is heard that due to the violent behaviour of Asim Riaz, his membership has been canceled. In the past, the householders got a new task and through this task again one will get the membership of the elite club.

The makers of Bigg Boss 13 have released a bang promo of today’s episode. According to the promo that came out tonight, there is going to be a tough fight between Rashmi Desai, Mahira Sharma and Arti Singh. While Arti Singh will have to eat green chilies, he will also have to get his hair cut. Talk about Rashmi Desai that she will have to clean her eyebrows.

Watch Bigg Boss 13 21 January 2020 Promo

We informed you a few hours ago that Mahira Sharma has gone out of this race. Actually Mahira Sharma had to prove herself in front of Hina Khan, but Mahira Sharma could not present her side properly. Because of this, Mahira Sharma fell behind getting an entry in the elite club.


  1. Hats off to Rashmi Desai, not for the task but for how she ignores these jealous and negative girls like Shefali JW, Arti, Mahira, and Sehnaz. She is not a problem creator. If she says something about Sidharth it is clear something wrong has happened with her which she can not even discuss on the national TV. If she loved Sidharth, she did not do any crime. Wish Big Boss could throw Mahira Sharma and Sephali out of BB house. We feel like turning off our TV when these two show up. We hate Mahira’s negativity and irritating voice. Please Please Please evict Mahira. We have to see Paras’s game when she is out of the house.

  2. Also, it was so funny to see how Mr. Parag Tyagi slammed Asim for no reason but hugged Paras and Sidharth who said so much bad and disgusting about his wife when they were in secret room. They raised a question on his wife’s character and now I agree with them. You can see how she hits on Sidharth and criticize and does not let her come closer to Sidharth. These people have no self-respect. They can do anything for a TV show.


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