Bigg Boss 13 17th November 2019 – Shehnaaz Gill lashes out on Paras Chhabra for choosing Mahira Sharma again for next captainship

bigg boss 13 shehnaaz gill

In Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chhabra and Siddharth Shukla have just returned home. Since then, there has been a new upheaval in the house. Nomination task was kept in the house yesterday 16th December 2019. Now Today 17th December it’s time to choose a new captain again at home. There is to be a contest between the captaincy contenders again in the coming days. This time the makers have kept the rat and cat task. There will be two teams, Red and Blue team. In this task, Paras Chhabra is once again choosing his friend Mahira Sharma as the captaincy contender. But as soon as he tells this thing to Shehnaaz Gill, a new uproar is about to take place in the house.

Shehnaz Gill is about to be hearing the name of Mahira Sharma again from the mouth of Paras Chhabra. Paras Chhabra chooses the name of Mahira Sharma for the captaincy every time and keeps trying hard to make her win. This time this issue can create a ruckus. As you know, Shehnaz Gill claims to love Paras Chhabra. But she is irritated by the closeness of Mahira Sharma and Paras. At the same time, she describes Siddharth Shukla as her friend but always keeps Paras at number one. Paras’s choice of Mahira Sharma once again is heartbreaking for Katrina Kaif of Punjab. Makers had shown a glimpse of this task to viewers on the previous day itself.
She is going to make a lot of fuss in the house and will cry fiercely. After seeing an upset Shehnaz Gill, Paras Chhabra will also be seen trying to convince her. So are you excited for this upcoming episode. Share your views in the comment section below.


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