Bigg Boss 13 15th January Parag Tyagi gets emotional and warns Asim Riaz, watch video


There is still a few days left in the finale of Bigg Boss 13, so the family task will start in the house from today. During the family task, the entry of all the contestants’ families is going to be done in this show. Today, everyone will come from the house of every contestant, including Mahira Sharma’s mother, Shahnaz Gill’s father. Makers has released a new promo of today’s episode a while back, in which Shefali Jariwala’s husband and TV actor Parag Tyagi has entered the house with a banging entry. After seeing this promo that came out, it seems that today Bigg Boss 13 is going to be a big hit in the house.

Actually, Parag Tyagi meets Shefali as soon as she enters and hugs her. Parag, after embracing Shefali, is telling her that I came here to talk with Asim. It is said that Parag Tyagi goes to Asim and threatens him a lot. Soon after, he hugs his special friend Paras Chhabra and then walks in with Shefali. By taking Shefali inside, Parag tells her popularity is increasing day by day. Referring to one incident, Parag Tyagi tells her that when he was going somewhere in a day, a man stopped and asked, ‘You are Shefali Jariwala’s husband….’

Watch the big promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13 below …
Overall, it is clear that with the arrival of Parag today, the day of Shefali will be made, while there will be a lava of anger inside Asim. For the moment, tell us in the commentbox how eager are you to watch the upcoming episode of this show?


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