Bigg Boss 13 14th November 2019 – Vishal Aditya Singh makes fool out of Sidharth Shukla kicks him and Rashami Desai out of demon task

bigg boss 13 sidharth vishal plan to win captain task

Bigg Boss 13 Day 44 Highlights – Drama and entertainment is increasing day by day in Salman Khan’s popular TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss Season 13’. The show recently saw the entry of Vishal Aditya Singh, winner of ‘Nach Baliye 9’, who is seen giving all kinds of spices here. The last episode of the show saw Bigg Boss announce the ‘3 Demons’ task at home where Aseem Riaz, Arhan Khan and Vishal are all seen as Demons. Te is a captaincy task where all three have power. The promo of the show showed that Siddharth Shukla will also join hands with Vishal to plot to get Rashami Desai out of the Captaincy task. , Fiercely used vulgar language

Now it will be fun to see who Vishal listens to? Together with Siddharth Shukla, they harass Rashmi or listen to their mind. Let’s see the highlights of today’s episode of this show.

Vishal Aditya Singh broke the plate of Himanshi Khurana

According to the task, Daemon Oni (Vishal) comes out of the cave after which the bell rings and he breaks the plate of Himinshi, causing her to get out of the Captaincy task.

Shefali Jariwala pushed Mahira Sharma

During the task, there is a rift between Shefali and Mahira as both of them are not following the rules of the task. After this, there is a fight between these two and Shefali pushes Mahira. After this, Shefali, who is the captain, asks Mahira to wash the dishes but she does not agree and this leads to a new dispute between them.

Shehnaz Paras is tight on Chhabra
Paras gets angry at Chhabda Shehnaz about why she is jumping into Shefali and Mahira controversy. After this, Shahnaz says that Mahira also has a mistake. There is a fight between the two and Shehnaz tells Paras that he should stop being the manager of Mahira.

Sidharth Shukla says Aarti Singh is thrown
While eating food, Aarti Singh explains the mistake of Himanshi Khurana and after this Siddharth comes to Aarti and says that he is a fake person. She tells him that he should show his real face on the show. Aarti is enraged at this and says that she too has the right to speak.

Rashami Desai says she wants to settle down by next year
Rashmi and Paras talk about the Captaincy Task when the issue of Arhan arises. On this Rashmi says that she likes him but she is not fully ready yet. Maybe they settle down next year.

Hindustani Bhau created a new problem

Hindustani Bhau once again appeared in his form. He disturbed people at home with his farts. Here, he first harasses Shahnaz.

Vishal Aditya Singh outsells Rashami
Vishal broke Rashmi’s plate during his task by making Siddharth’s wish come true and in this way he removed the actress from the task.

Vishal played game with Sidharth, got task out
Vishal is seen as the smartest contestant here. After Rashami, he also breaks the plate of Siddharth Shukla in the form of a demon.


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