Bigg Boss 13 12th January 2020 Salman Khan to lashes out on Shehnaaz Gill and will warn Sidharth Shukla to be careful with her

bigg boss 13 shehnaz gill crying

When Salman Khan gets angry, he does not even listen to himself and this time, the anger of ‘Bhaijaan’ has come down on Shehnaaz Gill. In the episode of the previous day itself, we saw that while talking to Cass Shahnaz Gill, Salman got angry with Katrina Kaif of Punjab. Actually, Shehnaz Gill started trying to take Salman Khan lightly and she was talking with him too while showing attitude. On this, suddenly Dabangg Khan of Bollywood was shaken and he shook her fiercely.

But oops, right at the moment the episode is over. Now further story is to be shown in the upcoming episodes today 12th January 2020. But before this, the makers have released a bang promo of this TV show. In this promo, this time Salman Khan is going to enter the house once again, he is also very angry. Watch video

Salman Khan will enter Bigg Boss house to take class for Shwhnaz Gill today 12th January 2020
This is the third time this season when Salman Khan will go home. Earlier, he had entered the house to handle the broken Rashmi Desai. After this, he came to clean the house and this time he would come to find the wisdom of Shehnaz Gill. The special thing is that along with this, Salman Khan will also advise Siddharth Shukla to stay away from Shehnaz Gill. They will say that Shehnaz has started loving them and they should be careful about this. So are you excited to watch this upcoming banging episode. Please tell us your opinion by commenting. Also tell us whether you also feel that Shehnaz has fallen in love with Siddhartha, you can comment us your opinion.


  1. Sana fell in love with Shukla in October last year. We viewers in London noticed how this Sana had an obsessive nature. People like Sana are very dangerous in this world of image making, and entertaining industry. She is a big irritant to us in BB. Shukla better steer away from her. Salman is so right warning Shukla about Sana. Some are saying she is territorial! Stupidity. Territorial doesn’t mean you suffocate another man or woman freedom of movement, the way Sana is doing to Shukla in BB . Give us a break.

  2. Sana is so behaving like a spoit child. Crying like a chid having tantrums. Totally dont expect this behaviour from an adult. Used to like her in the beginning of BB. Her behaviour has made me change my mind. Shukla is just entertaining her. Sad

  3. Siddharth is not a kid like sana so why did he not clear it when he knew it…..u call him sensible I call it selfishness…for a game u r using a girls emotions to win the show As u know her popularity. Now that u got all that u wanted now she is psycho….she is the same from day 1 …when u r in love and not as mature it looks like obsession. She is loud, straight forward , absolutely clear of what she does. I feel sad for her, till the time channel wanted TRP they used her antics every bit, even Salman said to her in between the show why sana u r not entertaining us when Sid had gone to secret room.imagine the kind of pressure she must be having to entertain everyone. Sid should tell her clearly now if he is not serious..pls don’t play a game with heart she is a kid still but will overcome it….anyways I am happy the show will end soon. …however I am big Fann of #sidnaaz I am praying he loves her back with same passion and prove everyone wrong????

    • Same feeling dr sometimes I felt Siddharth used her he behaving like not knowing anything, I just pray for mental health she need rest now


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