Bigg Boss 13 11th January Priyank Sharma to hug Salman Khan on weekend Ka Vaar

bigg boss 13 salman khan hugging priyank sharma

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is going to have an ex-contestant’s entry into the weekend episode of the weekend TV show Bigg Boss 13. This ex Bigg Boss contestant himself has given this information while sharing a photo of himself with superstar Salman Khan. But this photo of this TV star with Salman Khan has definitely stirred up social media. The fans of this TV star are seen happily watching Salman Khan again on the stage of Bigg Boss.

The special thing is that just a few days ago, this TV star had entered this stage of TV with actress Hina Khan. Yes, you have drunk fine gas. Here we are talking about actor Priyank Sharma. Priyank Sharma, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss 11, had come to Bigg Boss house just a few days ago to promote his music video Raanjhanaa with actress Hina Khan. Where the actor came home and made a lot of noise. Now once again on the stage of Bigg Boss with actor Salman Khan, he is going to have fun.

Salman Khan hugs Priyank Sharma

Priyank Sharma’s fans are very happy with this breaking news. But it is not clear yet why Priyank has come to the house. Are they going to go home once again to test the passions of the housemates? We will only find out in the coming episodes. By the way, the upcoming episode is going to be quite rude. At the moment, you tell us how desperate you are to watch this episode.



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