Bigg Boss 13 11th December 2019 – Sidharth Shukla will make Rashami Desai a jocker and Asim Riaz to break trust of Mahira Sharma


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s Controversial TV realty show Bigg Boss 13 was given a task on the previous day for the contenders of Captaimcy. This task continued amidst much chaos in the past. During this time, while Vikas Gupta played masterstroke, he took the captaincy claim from Hindustani Bhau, on the other hand, friendship between Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala got shattered due to Asim tearing Shefali’s letter in the BB Post Office task. In the upcoming episodes too, viewers are going to get a lot of twists.

In the upcoming episode on 11 December 2019, you will see that Bigg Boss is going to give an opportunity to Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla sitting in the secret room, to make the housemates dance as they wish. After this, we are going to shriek at the behest of both Rashami Desai and Shehnaaz Gill at home. Not only this, during this time, Siddharth and Paras Chhabra are also going to ask Rashmi Desai to get the Joker getup. After which she will be seen dancing as a clown.

On the other hand, the chance of captaincy in the hands of Mahira Sharma and Asim Riaz is going to be a chance. Mahira’s hand is about to receive a letter from Asim’s house. Whom Mahira is going to extend a hand of friendship to Asim by giving the letter to him. But at the same time, when the letter came from Mahira’s house to Asim Riaz, he will tear it. This is going to shock Mahira Sharma deeply. The video of this task is currently getting viral on social media.

Everyone is surprised to see this changed style of Asim Riaz. How much do you agree with this bet of Asim Riyaz. Share your views in comment section below.


  1. Asim is gone mad after himanshi left. And he has no winner quality & will never win the show. The winner is shehnaaz gill…….will give that in writing.

  2. Asim Riaz has hardly performed in any task so far, especially the physical ones. Also, never saw any strategy in his actions. The only thing he tried is to create a false love angle with “listen dear” HeManShe but failed in that too!!! 😛

  3. What Asim did was just part of task don’t evaluate entire performance on just one episode. In regards to winner who plays best shall win.

  4. Now we can see….Makers making the game of paras and sid strong (which is needed due to power of #AsimRaiz ) nd making #asim week by eliminating himanshi nd his group member by nominating every one of them from.their group…..Nd saving irritating #Mahira #BringBackHimashi

  5. To all those who have posted comments above, please see everything happening on screen from the perspective of the players, not your own. Sid was a powerful player for the first 6 weeks. But this popularity was either built on his already existent fan base or on his aggressive style in the house. The problem with aggression is that you cannot sustain it for long. And that’s true in Sid’s case as well. He lost that advantage when Asim turned the tables on him with more aggression. Now Sid, partly because he’s not well and partly because he has been subdued by Asim totally, appears like a shell of his former self. I wish Sid well on the health front and hope he can come back into the house with a changed strategy. Similarly Sana should have stuck to her ‘cute’ persona but she could not. She now comes through as a conniving mischief-maker who is totally dependent on either Sid or Paras to go further in the game. That’s dangerous for her. Her fan base is still propping her up but would they be enough to push her into the top 4? Possibly, but not enough to make her win. The only player who started from ZERO and has built up a strong persona for himself is Asim Riaz. His use of aggression – only where he needs to register his presence – is working wonders for him. If he can sustain this, he is sure to reach the top 2 in the house. And who knows. he could very well win the trophy as well. For now, he’s the only one who is coming through clean. The rest have totally lost their way.

  6. If no Sid. No big Boss, all the others are Jokers, just come either to build a relationship or wash their dirty linen in public. Atleast Sid is doing something, regardless his aggressive behaviour, one can still watch him. He stands for what is right, but if you provoke him he is not a sissy to keep calm, Rashmi is on a different ball game, she has come to build her Love story or play the game, useless and non entertaining, Arti and Sana are doing well. ASIM is just trying to get attention by provoking Sid. I see Big Boss for Sid, if Sid goes home, my TV goes off.

  7. Siddharth Shukla is a fighter and not a loser like Vishal and Bhau, they want to be good in the show, but that’s not what everyone wants to see.


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