Bigg Boss 13 11th December 2019 – Sidharth Shukla abuses Rashami Desai during post office task, watch video

sidharth rashami bigg boss 13

After getting scolded by Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar, the contestants of Bigg Boss 13 are blowing every step in week 11. Whether it is a post office task or an argument with someone. It seems that all the contestants have dissolved and drank Salman Khan’s words and are not following any of that. Meanwhile, a news is coming out that will blow the audience’s senses.

Actually, these days Siddharth Shukla is in Bigg Boss’s secret room with Paras Chhabra. Recently, Bigg Boss has given a new task (post office) to the housemates. Through this task, a letter is coming from every contestant’s house, whoever will destroy the letter from the contestant’s house … he or she will become the claimant of this week’s captaincy.

Rashami Desai wants to gain this week’s captaincy, due to which she destroyed the letter from Shehnaaz Gill’s house. During this time, Rashami was abused by Sidharth Shukla sitting in the secret room, which was muted by the channel.

This clip is becoming viral on social media. People are listening to Siddharth Shukla quite a lot by watching this video. At the same time some people are also saying that a person who cannot respect a woman is not even fit to be in this show.

Watch this clip of Siddharth Shukla below

Viewers upset with Rashami and Siddharth’s fights
The makers have redeemed the fight between Rashami and Siddharth so much that people are also bored of it. For the moment, tell in the comment box whether Siddhartha really hates Rashmi so much that he can go to any extent? Also tell that how eager are you to see the new episode of Bigg Boss 13?



  1. Rashmi is a back bitter & annoying she does not provide any content to the show. I do not care about Sid and Rashmis argument I am puzzled by the fact that Arhan denied having a child to her and the very next day she proposes to him I’m all good with them being together but ignoring a child and making a scene on national TV for money is ridiculous this shows how much class this woman has.

    • Absolutely right. No class at all. She is good for nothing in the show. Making fun of mahira by making her doll and saying so many bad things showed her mentality and the way she has been bought up. But see how God punished her by bringing up the matter of her boyfriends child made her only a fool of herself by being embaressed on national television. She was making fun and she got the dose instead. Good she got this, but still shamelessly continuing the show. What a piece of shit she is, nobody should marry her she is not fit to be anybody’s wife or mother.

  2. Rashmi is so irritating in every way that no normal man can stand her. Arhaan is same kind of dumb guy just like her that’s why they are bearing each other. To my surprise, how stupid she could be. She is just jealous of Sana and Mahira, it’s only Channel who is bringing her back or giving her publicity good or bad just to keep her little longer otherwise she has no brain, no class, no manners nothing…now she is just over doing stupidity just because Salman consoles her…..

  3. If rashmi talks about sid then she is targeting and backbiting…and if sid talks about her and abuses, misbehaves with her then he is Mahan and doing right!!!! So blind people are…means seriously!!! Blindly following and supporting sid..

  4. Rashmi is very fake and bad person. She pretends to be all innocent and nice, but she is the opposite. I find her so irritating anc cannot stand her. While Siddhart is honest and straightforward person. He is not fake and can not pretend to like someone that he genuinely doesn’t like, no wonder he is on his own. As all the other contestants are being fake and playing games with each other.


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