Big Brother Canada Contestant Christopher ‘Chris’ Wyllie Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts


Christopher ‘Chris’ Wyllie is the perfect blend of muscle and brain. He aims to be a source of stability and comfort to his co-housemates. When you take a look at Christopher he seems like a guy with muscle but deep down he is kind and a man with brains. He is very subtle in his approach and like to not be in constant spotlight. Christopher would want to open a charity for autistic children and a center for children who have learning disorders.

Christopher Wyllie’s Age and Date of Birth

Christopher is currently 28 years old and his zodiac sign is Cancer

Christopher Wyllie’s Parents

Christopher’s parents are not known as of now. He believes in letting his charity work speak for itself.

Christopher Wyllie’s Hometown

Christopher was born in Markham, Ontario

Christopher Wyllie’s Educational Qualifications

Christopher is a brain transformation specialist

Christopher Wyllie’s Relationship

Christopher is currently single

Christopher Wyllie’s Unknown Facts

  • Christopher’s pet peeve is pompous people who he comes across in life
  • Christopher gets along well with people who are passionate and dedicated
  • Christopher’s biggest fear is that he will not be able to accomplish the amount that his talent will be able to
  • Christopher considers himself to be a geek and loves to read neuroscience journals
  • Christopher believes that the most impulsive act in his life was to put his entire life on hold to go on BBCAN
  • Christopher loves his protein intake and gorges on salmon or steak
  • Christopher says that people get shocked to know that he is a geek
  • Chritsopher considers his idol Dr.Richard Bandler to be his mentor but he also adores Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Christopher is proud of the fact that he was able to conquer anxiety and panic attacks


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