Big Brother Canada 8 Houseguest Vanessa Clements: Relationships, Career, Bio, and Unknown Facts Revealed!


Vanessa Clements is all set to enter the Big Boss Canada as a house guest. She is confident about who she is. Besides, Vanessa also has confessed to being a mastermind manipulator. She considers that not winning the show is going to be the hardest part for her. In a male-dominated industry, being a female fisherman is a great accomplishment for her.

Vanessa Clements’ Age

Vanessa is 26 years old.

Vanessa Clements’ Hometown

Vanessa’s hometown is Mill River, Prince Edward Island.

Vanessa Clements’ Instagram Account

Vanessa’s Instagram profile is venessaclementz.

Vanessa Clements’ Twitter Handle

Her mother handles her twitter account as of now.

Vanessa Clements’ Relationship Status

Vanessa is reportedly single as of now.

Vanessa Clements’ Career

Vanessa is a lobster fisherman. As a result of being a fisherman, she has worked on cruise ships. Therefore traveled around the world.

Unknown Facts about Vanessa Clements

She is a huge fan of the show and claims to have watched all the 7 seasons.

She is the first person from Prince Edward Island to enter Big Boss Canada.

Vanessa claims to love proving people wrong.

She regards her father as her idol.

Vanessa bonds quickly with the people who are loud and intense just like her.

She has a great mantra which is, ‘live for the outcome, not the income.’

Vanessa prefers hands-on guys.



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