Big brother Canada 8 Houseguest Kyle Rozendal Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts


Kyle Rozendal is a 31 year old muscular man who is perceived as rock solid. What many don’t know is that Kyle is a very emotional person. He wants to perceive reality within the house. He wishes to appear as the man he is in his own house- a good husband and father rather than a competitive person

Kyle Rozendal ‘s Age and Date Of Birth

Kyle is currently 31 years old

Kyle Rozendal ‘s Parents

Nothing much is known about Kyle’s parents. Being a parent himself he knows the importance of building a strong future for his own children.

Kyle Rozendal ‘s Hometown

Kyle is originally from Okotoks, Alberta

Kyle Rozendal ‘s Educational Qualifications

Kyle works as a professional electrician

Kyle Rozendal ‘s Relationship

Kyle is married and has two children

Kyle Rozendal ‘s Unknown Facts

  • Kyle’s biggest pet peeve are toes
  • Kyle is extremely scared of heights
  • Kyle loves laying back on Sundays and working out with friends. He also enjoys some quality family time
  • Kyle adores the UFC and MMA
  • Kyle once went on a spontaneous road trip to Vegas
  • Kyle is immensely into protein and loves a good steak
  • Kyle is an extremely emotional person
  • Kyle gets along best with people who love working out as much as he does
  • Kyle’s role model is powerlifter Dan Green
  • Kyle is in the list of the top ten bench pressers in the world


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