Big brother Canada 8 Houseguest Jamar Lee Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts


All of 23 years, Jamar Lee is sure of himself and considers himself to be charismatic and confident. He is one with his time and is extremely millennial. Jamar wants to known as a legend and comp beast when people remember him as a contestant. Jamar’s current worry is that when there is downtime in the house there are chances that he might slip into boredom.

Jamar Lee’s Age and Date of Birth

Jamar is currently 23 years old

Jamar Lee’s Parents

Nothing is known about Jamar’s parents but he wishes to give his mother some money if he wins Big Brother Canada

Jamar Lee’s Hometown

Jamar hails from Ajax, Ontario

Jamar Lee’s Educational Qualifications

Jamar’s profession currently is as a warehouse worker

Jamar Lee’s Relationship

Jamar is currently single and finds himself immensely handsome so there are chances for his relationship status to change

Jamar Lee’s Unknown Facts

  • Jamar cannot bear inconsiderate people and considers this to be his pet peeve
  • Jamar is scared of animals
  • Jamar’s usual Sunday would comprise of hitting the gym and playing video games
  • Jamar loves to listen to good music
  • Jamar is spontaneous and once even took a trip to Jamaica on such a note
  • Jamar loves to gorge on pizza
  • Jamar is an owner of a BMW at a young age
  • Jamar is most comfortable with positive people
  • Jamar considers late basketball legend Kobe Bryant to be his idol


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