Big brother Canada 8 Houseguest Brooke Warnock Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts


Brooke Warnock is a 26-year old social support worker. She thrives under chaos. She feels that she might be underestimated but she will rise above that. She is good ona  social scale and can build relationships and trust. At times she comes across as a tad bit awkward which is why she won’t be seen as a threat. Brooke is charismatic yet awkward. She has a high quota of energy but is also very self-aware.

Brooke Warnock’s Age and Date of Birth

Brooke is 26 years old currently and her zodiac sign is virgo

Brooke Warnock’s Parents

Nothing is known about Brooke’s parents

Brooke Warnock’s Hometown

Brooke originally hails from Calgary, Alberta

Brooke Warnock’s Educational Qualifications

Brooke is a social support worker

Brooke Warnock’s Relationship

Brooke is currently single as she is wholly invested in her work but is open to anything that comes her way

Brooke Warnock’s Unknown Facts

  • Brooke’s greatest pet peeve is dominating personalities
  • Brooke is immensely scared of clowns
  • For Brooke a typical Sunday would involve reading books with her cats
  • Brooke loves to binge watch Big Brother Canada
  • Brooke has lived in the tallest treehouses in the world
  • Brooke loves eating grapefruit
  • Brooke gets along with people who are good listeners
  • Brooke considers Noam Chomsky to be her idol


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