Big Brother Canada 8 House Guest Angie Tackie: Relationships, Career, Bio, and Unknown Facts Revealed!


Angie Tackie promises that nothing can bring her down and she will be seen happy all the time. Proclaims to be looking for multiple showmance. Her strategy on the show is to do it all and enjoy it. Cannot tolerate attention seekers.

Angie Tackie’s Age

Angie is 33 years old.

Angie Tackie’s Home Town

Angie’s home town is in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Angie Tackie’s Twitter Handle

Here is the link to Angie’s twitter account.

Angie Tackie’s Instagram Account

Angie’s Instagram profile is angiebbcan8.

Angie Tackie’s Career

Angie works as a communications officer.

Angie Tackie’s Relationship Status

Angie is reportedly single.

Unknown Facts About Angie Tackie

People who bite their nails is her pet peeve.

She is a firm believer in God.

Her greatest fear is losing someone close to her.

She has been single for the last 10 years.

She is very fond of her nieces and nephews.

Proclaims to be the biggest fan of Big Brother Canada.

Her favorite food is homemade poutine.

She loves to geek out on food festivals.

She considers her mom and dad her idol.

Angie gets on best with the people who have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.





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