Big Boss Telugu 3 Updates: Will Himaja Reddy’s Recent Tactics Save Her From Elimination?


The last episode of Big Boss 3 Telugu saw Varun Sandesh and Tamanna being sentenced to some jail time. However, Himaja was the first to understand that Varun had not voluntarily opted to be sent to jail. Hence, objections were raised by Vithika and a few other members in the house.

This season of Big Boss Telugu is been a tough competition for the contestants and getting enough camera time is considerably tough. The spat between the husband and wife duo, Varun Sandesh and Vithika has turned the spotlight on them.


However, things took a strange turn in the Big Boss house which gave Himaja an opportunity to shine. Jaffar tried to provoke an altercation with her and Himaja was clearly ready to take him on.

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The argument heated up and Himaja dared Jaffar to send her into elimination. She added that elimination did not bother her a bit. When Vithika overheard the conversation between Sivajyothi and Himaja, a spat began between Vithika and Himaja and things turned ugly.

This is yet another instance where Himaja managed to put herself in the thick of things. With all this attention, Himaja Reddy can only hope that she survives elimination this weekend.

Do you think Himaja deserves more time in the Big Boss Telugu Season 3? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. Yes himaja should stay in the house .. vithika and Varun s attitude is not so great .. vithika creat a unnecessary problem with her talk . And Varun sopport that …

    • If you’ve been following any Bigg Boss, be it Tamil Hindi Telugu or Marathi, the contestants creating problems are never shown the door. TRPs are dependant on problems, fights and controversy. Also, love and romance.

  2. Punanarvi should control hr angr and she is having so much f attitude this weak punanarvi should b eliminated and latr vithika and varun sandesh should b eliminated

    • A lot of fans seem to be taking the side against Vithika. However, it is unlikely that the duo might be eliminated this week.

  3. Vithika behave too much in the house so she’s unnecessary drama……. and Vithika is worst performer and also punarnavi she is also same as Vithika… . Next week plz.. eliminate tammanna simhadri she is worst candidate in BB3 she create problems in house btwn house mates ….. This week as much possible eliminate Vithika or punarnavi


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