Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Elimination Voting Results 30th November- Who will be evicted Today?

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The seventh week of Big Boss Kannada 7 just got bigger. Two wildcard entries in the form of Raksha Somashekhar and Chaithra Kotoor have entered the house. There are five contestants nominated this week. Those are Shine Shetty, Kishan, Bhoomi Shetty, Chandan Achar, Prithvi and Raju Thalikote. While other 4 contestants were nominated by the contestants. Shine Shetty was nominated directly by the Captain of the house.

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Shine Shetty will be safe this week. He is consistently performing the tasks. He is an entertainer and he was all over this whole week episodes.

Next contestant to be safe is Chandan Achar. There is a complete change in him. He had an aggressive behavior and used to physical during tasks. Now he has completely mellowed down but still is giving his hundred percent in the tasks.

Kishan is considered to give content to the channel. So it is unlikely that he will be eliminated. He has once escaped from getting eliminated.

Now, we having three contestants who can be in the danger zone. Bhoomi Shetty, Prithvi and Raju Thalikote. Bhoomi Shetty seems to be lost in the house. She is not performing well in the tasks for the last two weeks. She still seems to have something to deliver and can stay in the house for one more week due to her competitiveness during physical tasks.

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Raju Thalikote and Prithvi are in maximum danger of getting eliminated. Raju seems to be unhappy with his stay in the house. Prithvi on the other hand, is not entertaining the viewers or the inmates.

Prithvi is likely to get evicted this week as he was a wild card entry in the third week of the show.

Do you think Prithvi or Raju Thalikote will be evicted this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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