Big Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Vivo Caller of the Week Stumps Shehnaz Gill With a Funny Question


Shehnaz Gill has been officially tagged as the entertainer of the season. And rightfully so! She surely knows how to make the best of any situation and draw the camera’s attention towards her. Even when there is nothing happening she manages to catch the eye.

The Cause of the Call

Over the last few weeks we have seen Shehnaz make a new friend, a crow. Not kidding. She actually befriended a crow and even communicates with it in her own made up language. She even claims that the crow replies back to her.

The Question

This Weekend Ka Vaar, Shehnaz received a call from the caller of the week. The Vivo caller wanted to asked Shehnaz, “Aap Crow se baat karte ho aur kis jaanwar se baat karte ho”.

The scene is hilarious when she breaks into gibberish and also shows her childishness. The caller could have been hinting either at that or it could have been a dig at anyone Shehnaz associates with.


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