Big Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Trends Yet Again with #FairAndHonestSid, Social Media Bursts With 500K+ Tweets! Here’s Why!


Over the last few months the Big Boss 13 contestants have built themselves an army of their own. One of the most popular contestants is Sidharth Shukla. He has gained a huge fan following through his performance and game. During the last three months, Sidharth has been constantly provoked by fellow contestant Asim Riaz, fans have currently begun a new trend in favor of Sidharth, #FairAndHonestSid. They claim that Sidharth is a fair and honest contestant who does not go out of his way to fight, unlike Asim.

Why is #FairAndHonestSid Trending on Twitter?

A few days back, the Big Boss 13 house saw yet another showdown between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. This led to Shukla having his first meltdown in the show and this sent his fans on a crazy outburst. He wanted action to be taken against Asim who has been constantly trying to gain screen space through his fights. Post that Asim recently went on to call Arti Singh Sidharth’s ‘Fixed Deposit’ leaving Arti in tears. With Asim Riaz constantly poking Sidharth for the last three months, fans trend #FairAndHonestSid.

Siddharth’s Twitter Army is Going Crazy on Weekends?

As Sidharth Shukla has garnered a huge fan base on social media, on Twitter, all Sidharth Shukla have started trending #FairAndHonestSid. Talking about Sidharth and how he stood for himself and his team, one fan tweeted, “I am not here to look good. This is who I am! I take my own stand and I stick to it! Once i stick to it , i follow through it i own it. Thats what makes me who i am @Sidharth_shukla Epic monologue by #FairAndHonestSid”

Another Shukla fan tweeted, “Fakenaaz has pushed Sid again She can slap Sid again She can hit Sid with a slipper But no punishment Why? If Sid had done one of those things Imagine what would have happened Who has given fakenaaz the right to hit Sid #FairAndHonestSid @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan @BiggBoss”

With many fans trending #FairAndHonestSid, some have been prior Asim fans but seeing his way of gaining footage is only through fighting and poking Sid they have changed their minds and even tweeted about it. One fan went on to say, “Asim is poking #SidharthShukla in last 3 months. Tb kisi ne Sid ka dard mehsus ni kiya .. Ab SID ne sirf 2 word bole CRYBABY or NALLA … jbse uski or uske fans ki laal hui padi hai “You set the BAR, HE’LL RAISE IT ” GOOD or BAD. BOSS-MAN @sidharth_shukla #FairAndHonestSid.”

Some are even quoted saying “Earlier I was supporting Asim but after seeing his constant poking and instigation, I have started supporting
@sidharth_shukla bcoz everyone will react after getting poked 24*7. Sidharth is not wrong.. #FairAndHonestSid”

Sidharth Shukla is one of the most celebrated contestants in the house and fans have his back as he embarked on this journey. While Sidharth’s fans continue to trend #FairAndHonestSid, Asim Riaz has also garnered a huge fan base on social media. As the finale is approaching it will be a fun journey to see who holds the trophy.


  1. Shukla fake hai. Doesn’t respect women. Usko nanga Kar ke gaand pe fatke dena Hoga. Mujhe mil bahar aake. Main batata hu tera kya haal karunga kutte ke aulad. Aur Uske supporter saalo Woh typhoid Ka bahana karke chutiya Bana Raha hai. Bigg Boss biased hai usko bahar Ka Khana kyu de Raha hai Woh zyada special hai kya itna bimar hai to Nikal ke bahar karo. Ya to Ghar ke andar Jo sab khate hai wohi khana do Saala khaya hai aur sofa hai aur burai karta hai Saala aurto ki burai karta hai peeche se. Aur zariwala to sab se gandi hai Kuch nahi hai to Asim se chitak ke pehle li ab ladke Sochti hai bachegi. Paras to hijda hai saala sirf badi badi bol bachan deta hai gidad Kahi Ka. Bigg boss pehle khud fair bank fir Vishal ko bolna. Khud biased hai agar itna Sahi hai to pehle Shukla Ka bahar Ka Khana band Kar aur bol sab ke jaisa kaam Kar. Sirf kha ke mat so bhais ke jaisa. Salman darwaze kholneka shauk hai to Nikal galat Shukla ko bahar Shukla bolta hai bahar mil Asim nahi. Nikal Shukla ko bahar.

  2. Hahaha. #darpokghatiyashukla. Is only he allowed t b aggressive bully n violent. Whoa whoa wen Asim does it, issue mudda banjata. Stop targetng Asim.

  3. Baar to raise kiya lekin aisa ke Kisi ki bata bhi nahi sakte. Saalo chutiyo band karo. Bahot hua. Asim Elite club Ka member ban gaya tab se Shukla aur sadela group ki gaand jali PADI hai. Isliye usko Baar Baar ungli karte hai. Ab Shukla ko shehnaaz bhi buri lag rahi hai kyu ke usne sach Ka support ki. Bhaago saalo Shukla ke supporter


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