Big Boss 13: “My Daughter Lost a Lot of Work in Her Career Due to Himanshi” Shehnaz’s Father Snubs Himanshi and Her Claims of Innocence!


This week set in with a spin of emotional turmoil as the contestants locked in the Big Boss house for the last three months finally met their family members. In tonight’s episode precap we saw Shehnaaz Gill’s father enter the house. In the trailer it is seen that he makes her swear on him that she will not have a romantic relationship with Sidharth Shukla. This sent ripples across the country but to correct this error, Shenaaz’s father went live last night.

Gill’s father went on to correct that he made no such statement wherein his daughter would have to swear against a relationship with Sidharth but rather it was a swear that she would no longer hit herself. During this live video he went on to make a comment on Himanshi Khurana, a former Big Boss 13 contestant.

Himanshi Shehnaz Fight: A controversy that sees no end

It is widely known that Shenaaz and Himanshi had an ongoing controversy which both of them carried into the house. Shehnaaz’s father revealed some facts about the fight between Himanshi and Shehnaaz. He says that because of their controversy Shehnaaz lost out on a lot of work. Many renowned directors and producers wanted to work with Shehnaaz but because of the bitter controversy surrounding her they backed out.
He continued by saying that the buck did not stop here. Whenever Shehnaaz used to use her social media for any purpose she was meted out with a ton of negative comments. Himanshi’s fans used to write the most bizarre and negative remarks on Shehnaaz. If there was anyone else in the place of his daughter then they would have brought an end to their lives.

Was Shehnaz’s Father in Bringing this Up Now?

There is no doubt that Shehnaaz is a strong contender for the trophy this season but washing such dirty linen in public is not justifiable. Since Shehnaaz and Himanshi’s controversy was all over the media and people know the intricacies it would be better for both parties to apologize and bring an end to this. Shehnaaz’s father should have left it at that instead of adding more fuel to fire.


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